Ex gratia payments

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This statement provides, by ministry and by department and agencies, details for all ex gratia payments of $100 or over. Payments of less than $100 are reported as one amount at the end of each department and agency, together with the total number of such payments. For the purposes of this statement, an ex gratia payment is a discretionary payment, made as an act of benevolence in the public interest, free of any legal obligation, whether or not any value or service has been received. Where the situation warrants non-disclosure, the recipient's name may be withheld from publication.

Ex gratia payments
(in dollars)

Description and payee Amount
Environment and Climate Change
Parks Canada Agency
Compensation for reimbursement of costs
Laporte R 949
Families, Children and Social Development
Department of Employment and Social Development
Payments under $100 (3) 82
Department of Finance
Payment related to a deduction from Quebec's Canada Health Transfer in anticipation of the elimination of extra-billing and user charges resulting from measures introduced by Quebec in January 2017
Province of Quebec 9,907,229
Global Affairs
Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development
Compensation for lost profit due to North American Leaders Summit
Amphibus Lady Dive Inc 13,127
Gray Line Ottawa Inc 3,418
Ottawa Boat Cruise 18,120
Payment under $100 (1) 95
Total 34,760
Department of Health
Compensation to victims of Thalidomide
Names withheld (19) 2,375,000
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Reimbursement of expenses incurred as a result of a delayed export certificate
AGI International Inc 2,709
Reimbursement of expenses incurred as a result of the cancellation of an import permit
Yougnauth N 148
Reimbursement of non-refundable expenses due to an employee's deployment as a result of an outbreak
Carpenter J 110
Subtotal 2,967
Total 2,377,967
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship
Department of Citizenship and Immigration
Official gift to acknowledge the significant milestone of the Royal Tour of Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
Immigrant Services Society of British Columbia 50,000
Immigration and Refugee Board
Reimbursement of costs incurred for private health insurance due to administrative error
Chernin M 3,989
Total 53,989
Indigenous and Northern Affairs
Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development
Payment to the Prince's Charities Canada to mark the royal tour of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
Prince's Charities Canada 50,000
Innovation, Science and Economic Development
Statistics Canada
Canadian Human Rights Commission settlement
Name withheld 1,200
Department of Justice
Compensation for travel costs
Berthelet C 178
National Defence
Department of National Defence
Compensation for guest travel costs for Canadian Armed Forces Recognition Program
Arsenault GE 494
Collins JK 367
Desjardins PRP 509
HRG Worldwide for
Collins JK 512
Desjardins PRP 549
Lange CA 904
Martin NJ 539
Lange CA 650
Lemay GA 456
Martin NJ 597
Oikle RS 326
Ruttan KJ 650
Wells CJ 291
Compensation for personal injuries
Thompson R 41,099
Reimbursement of costs for personal effects
Doucette G 109
Reimbursement of legal costs
Laura C Snowball, Barrister and Solicitor in trust for
Roger S 21,959
Payment under $100 (1) 38
Total 70,049
National Revenue
Canada Revenue Agency
Relief payment for heating expenses
McDonald Johnson K 125
Waller G C 125
Total 250
Parliamentary Protective Service
Payment under $100 (1) 28
Privy Council
Canadian Intergovernmental Conference Secretariat
Payment under $100 (1) 76
Office of the Chief Electoral Officer
Compensation for damage to personal effects
Hébert N 439
Huard N 125
Smith C 822
Loss of income—election worker
Brazeau C 395
Payment for towing services
Downe W 381
Payments under $100 (2) 100
Subtotal 2,262
Total 2,338
Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness
Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness
Grievance settlement
Name withheld 1,630
Canada Border Services Agency
Detention related costs
Names withheld (4) payments from $211 to $5,681 11,748
Payments under $100 (16) 258
Subtotal 12,006
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Compensation for damage to personal property
Sajoo Z 1,246
Compensation for relocation costs
Bond D 7,800
Subtotal 9,046
Total 22,682
Veterans Affairs
Department of Veterans Affairs
Payments under $100 (4) 320
Total 12,522,021

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