18.2 Responsibilities

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The Chief Executive Officer of the Crown corporation or other entity is responsible for:

  1. ensuring that the financial data is prepared in accordance with the instructions of this chapter and is complete and accurate in all respects
  2. identifying insurance programs and guarantee funds including:
    1. determining amounts to be reported
    2. providing an assessment of the adequacy of the insurance fund or provision, using Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Standards, wherever applicable
    3. providing information of factors or events that had or will have a material effect on the operation or financial position of the insurance fund or provision
  3. ensuring that the forms are submitted by the prescribed due date and accompanied by a signed copy of the Transmittal Memorandum (refer to subsection 18.4.12)
  4. ensuring that a copy of the audited or interim financial statements or annual report is submitted as soon as available in accordance with subsection 18.4.11

The Chief Executive Officer may delegate the signing authority to the Chief Financial Officer. Note that the certification of the information and the basis of accounting used in the preparation of the Crown corporation Forms are to be included on the Transmittal Memorandum.

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