Form CC‑2c

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ABC Corporation Limited
Liabilities – supporting details
Financial instruments information
March 31, 2017

To be completed only by consolidated Crown corporations and other entities on an annual basis.

If financial liabilities have been recorded at fair value, please provide details below using names provided on form CC‑2.

Table Summary

This table consists of four columns: Description of financial instruments, Government of Canada Canadian Public Sector Accounting Standards (PSAS) value, Fair value and General Ledger value. The rows are divided into two groups: Held for trading and Other.

Derivative financial instruments with third parties
(in thousands of dollars)
Description of financial instruments Government of Canada
PSAS value 29
Fair value General Ledger value
Held for trading:
Subtotal 0 0 0
Other (specify):
Financial Instrument "B" 14,000 15,000 13,700
Subtotal 14,000 15,000 13,700
Total (General Ledger value must agree with CC‑2) 14,000 15,000 13,700

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