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ABC Corporation Limited
Liabilities – supporting details
Environmental liabilities – remediation liabilities
March 31, 2017

To be completed only by consolidated Crown corporations and other entities that do not record their contaminated sites in the Federal Contaminated Sites Inventory (FCSI) on an annual basis.

Consolidated Crown corporations and other entities that record sites in FCSI - do not complete this form.

Table Summary

This table consists of thirty columns. Columns one to twenty represent details of the contaminated sites in the Federal Contaminated Sites Inventory. Columns twenty-one to thirty represent the Productive site questions.

(in thousands of dollars)
  Productive site questions
Site name Location First FY reported Site classification Step - 10 step process Nature and source of contamination Opening liability Total expenditure reducing liability Total adjustment change Total adjustment new Closing liability - discounted Closing liability - undiscounted Contingent liability new Contingent liability change Total assessment expenditure Total remediation expenditure Total care maintenance expenditure Total monitoring expenditure Measurement uncertainty high Measurement uncertainty low Is the site in rroductive use? (Y/N) If yes, what is the nature of the operations? Is the contamination being caused by current operations of site? (Y/N or Other) What has caused the contamination? Was the contamination expected or unexpected? Was it planned? Is the site continually being contaminated for the same reason? What is the asset? Is the asset capitalized in the Financial Statements? Will the asset ever be removed, decommissioned or replaced? Explain Is this a remediation liability, an ARO or something else, i.e. Operating Expense?

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