List of release notes for authority codes for 2021 to 2022

Date Code Status Note
2023-05-03 L113 Modify Departments 006 and 097 removed as a department specific.
2022-03-29 A804 Create New code
2022-03-18 A153 Modify Description modification
2022-03-01 A121 Modify Description modification
2022-02-02 B280 Activated New code
2022-01-12 A358 Modify Description modification
2022-01-10 A358 Create New code
2021-09-29 B159 Modify Department specific restrictions
2021-09-29 B139 Modify Department specific restrictions
2021-09-29 B129 Modify Department specific restrictions
2021-09-29 A149 Modify Department specific restrictions
2021-08-03 A27A Modify Description of Modification
2021-06-30 A153 Modify Modification to code
2021-06-30 A357 Modify Code Modification
2021-06-30 A24B Create New Code
2021-06-30 A24C Create New Code
2021-06-30 A350 Create New Code
2021-04-16 A993 Suspended Suspend
2021-04-12 L214 Modify Department Specific change
2021-04-12 A131 Modify Description Modification
2021-03-25 A160 Create New Code
2021-03-18 B128 Create New Code
2021-03-11 A396 Suspended Auth A396 will not be used
2021-02-08 A320 Modify Modification of the description
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