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Subject: Taken on Strength (TOS) or Re-Taken on Strength (RE-TOS) in the Current Pay Period

April 26, 2013 Updated November 6, 2014

1. Purpose

1.1. This directive is to provide compensation advisors with information regarding the input of a TOS (PAC 01) and RE-TOS (PAC 14) in the current processing pay period for an account on an arrears pay cycle (7B) or on a 7C cycle as of May 8, 2014.

2. Background

2.1. When the TOS or RE-TOS effective date is in the middle of the current processing pay period, the Regional Pay System will automatically issue the first regular pay for the full pay period based on double the employee’s assigned work week, even if the employee is not entitled to the full 10 day payment. A recovery of the salary for the days or hours not worked in the current pay period must be done to avoid an overpayment. Up to now, the recovery for the period of non-entitlement on a TOS or RE-TOS was the responsibility of the pay office.

2.2. To prevent an overpayment situation, the practice has been at times to delay the input of the transaction until the next pay period and issue a supplementary payment for the days or hours worked with an Entitlement Adjustment (EAJ or PAC 71) 189 (Arrears Pay TOS) or 199 (Arrears Pay RE-TOS). Where possible, this process should be avoided, as the post-dating of supplementary payments makes it difficult for employees to receive their initial payment within the established standard of timeliness set out in Part 3, section 16 of the Directive on Terms and Conditions of Employment - This site is only accessible to federal government employees, and only to federal departments and agencies..

3. Procedures and Instructions

3.1. Effective May 1, 2013, compensation advisors are responsible for the input of the recovery of the basic pay only for days or hours not worked with an Entitlement Recovery (ENR or PAC 18R) transaction when processing a TOS or RE-TOS that is effective in the current processing pay period.

The pay transaction to recover the period of non-entitlement must be initiated at the same time as the TOS or RE-TOS input.

Updated 3.2. For a TOS, the recovery will be done with entitlement code 001 (basic pay). For a RE-TOS, the recovery will be done with entitlement code 199 (arrears pay RE-TOS).

Updated IMPORTANT: It is the pay office’s responsibility to process the adjustments on the other allowances (entitlement codes).

3.3. This process is most efficient and cost effective, as it results in the employee being paid correctly and on time without issuance of a supplementary payment.

3.4. The Personnel-Pay Input Manual will be amended to reflect the information in this directive.

4. Inquiries

4.1. Any inquiries on the information contained in this directive should be addressed to your Public Works and Government Services Canada Compensation Services Office.

Original Signed by
Carrie E. Roussin

Carrie E. Roussin
Director General
Compensation Sector
Accounting, Banking and Compensation

Reference(s): 9021-1