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October 17, 1988

Ottawa, Canada
K1A 0S5

SUBJECT: Direct Deposit - P.S. Pay - Duplicate Payments


1.1 This directive supersedes Services Pay Directive (SPD) 1988-063 (40) dated September 7, 1988, which reiterated for departments and paying offices the action to be taken and the responsibilities of each of the parties involved when funds have not been credited to an employee's account on the official due date. Refer to procedures as outlined in the Personnel Pay Input Manual (PPIM) 7-5.

Changes from the above-mentioned directive are identified by a vertical line.

1.2 This directive should be read in conjunction with SPD 1987-35 (017) dated April 13, 1987 on the subject.


2.1 This directive supersedes and cancels Services Pay Directive 1988-063 (40) dated September 7, 1988.


3.1 A Duplicate Payment is a payment issued to an employee in the form of a cheque in the same amount as the original payment under the following conditions:

  1. when a Direct Deposit Payment has NOT been deposited on the due date and the payment has NOT been reported as a reject, intercept, recall or unpostable.


  2. a TRACE request was initiated by the department and the final results are unknown.

Under the above circumstances, departments must complete a payment requisition (eg. GC80) for a Duplicate Payment and submit it to their local DSS ACCOUNTS PAYABLE office. The ACCOUNTS PAYABLE office is to process these requisitions on an urgent basis to ensure that payment to the employee is not further delayed.

In addition, the department must ensure that the employee has completed an Undertaking of Indemnity Form (DSS 536) prior to requesting the Duplicate Payment. The Indemnity Form provides a signed statement from the employee that the payment was not received and that the employee agrees to reimburse the Receiver General should the original payment subsequently be credited to the employee's account.


4.1 It is stressed that a Duplicate Payment is NOT the same as a replacement cheque which is a series 422 cheque issued by the accounting section of the paying office in the following cases:

  1. when the direct deposit payment is rejected by the Direct Deposit Interface System (DDIS)
  2. when the direct deposit payment is rejected by the Direct Clearer
  3. as a result of an intercept or recall
  4. when the payment is unpostable at the individual financial institution


| 5.1 If a Duplicate Payment is made and the final results of the Trace request indicate that the original funds were in fact deposited to the employee's account or if the original payment was found in fact to have been a reject, intercept, unpostable or recall and the replacement cheque was issued then it is the responsibility of the department to initiate recovery action.


6.1 Any queries on the foregoing should be addressed by telephone to Advisory Services-Pay, M. Trudel 819-956-2065 or A. Scrivener 819-956-2062.

Original Signed by
M.-J. Posen

Marie-Josée Posen
Personnel Products Branch
Accounting, Banking and Compensation Directorate

Reference: CJA 9015-6