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December 20, 1988

SUBJECT : On-going Maternity Leave Allowance Payments


1.1 The purpose of this directive is to provide processing instructions for on-going maternity leave allowance payments.


2.1 Treasury Board has now approved a change in policy regarding the requisitioning of maternity leave allowance payments, and now allows for an on-going payment. Departments may requisition said payment when eligibility to Unemployment Insurance Commission (UIC) benefits is established and UIC gross benefit has been determined. Refer to Personnel Management Manual Bulletin No. 88-44 dated December 12, 1988.


3.1 Effective for January 1989 processing, a new code has been established to effect payment of maternity leave allowance on an on-going basis:

  • Code 244 - Maternity Leave Allowance On-going

3.2 Procedures for the use of this code are attached and will be updated in the Personnel Pay Input Manual shortly.

3.3 If a new or separate line object is assigned by a department to identify payments made with code 244 in the department's accounting records, the Financial Products Branch (address below) must be advised, so that the pay expenditure control file may be updated accordingly.


Financial and Reporting Products
Financial Products Branch
Accounting, Banking and
Compensation Directorate
Finance Building
Room 220
Tunney's Pasture
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0T2


4.1 Any inquiries on the information contained in this document should be addressed to your Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) Compensation Services Office.

Original Signed by
M.-J. Posen

Marie-Josée Posen
Personnel Products Branch
Accounting, Banking and Compensation Directorate

Remarks 14. Personnel-Pay Input Manual (PPIM) 4-4-18-3

MATERNITY ALLOWANCE ONGOING (CODE 244) - when an employee is to receive a maternity leave allowance payment on an ongoing basis through regular pay, proceed as follows:

  1. ReTaken on Strength (RE-TOS) the employee's pay account by means of a Pay Action Code (PAC) 14. The EFFECTIVE FROM date of the RE-TOS is the start date of the open period of the maternity leave allowance payment made according to the Supplementary Unemployment Benefit Plan (see c below).
  2. For the first two (2) weeks allowance payment, equivalent to ninety-three percent (93%) of the employee's weekly rate of pay, report a PAC 18C 244 with an EFFECTIVE FROM AND EFFECTIVE TO date using a Rate Base "O" (lump sum).
  3. For the additional fifteen (15) weeks payment, equivalent to the difference between the UI benefits the employee is eligible to receive and ninety-three percent (93%) of her weekly rate of pay, report a PAC 18C 244 open period showing the appropriate RATE BASE in field 65 (RATE BASE must equal RATE BASE on the Master Employee Record (MER)) and the amount of the allowance in field 66. This pay action updates the employee's MER Element 101 (Basic Pay): consequently, Death Benefit, Superannuation and isability Insurance (DI)/Long-term Disability Insurance (LTD) are deducted from the new "Basic Pay"; then
  4. For an employee subject to superannuation who elects to pay back superannuation upon return to duty, change Death Benefit (Fd 37) to '2' DI/LTD (Fd 47) to '5' or '4' using PAC 12 and Pension Type (Fd 39) to '62' using PAC 05. Report on a separate DSS 2517T with a lower control number than then one used for the PAC 18C244.
  5. For an employee subject to superannuation who elects to pay superannuation on her original basic pay from the allowance, REPORT in additional a PAC 18C202 effective the same date as the open period of the allowance. In Fd 65 INSERT the RATE BASE, (RATE BASE must equal rate base on the MER), and in Fd 66 the amount which is the difference between the full-time rate of pay and the allowance.
  6. For an employee subject to collective bargaining (using a DSS 2517T):
    • on commencing Code 244, INSERT code 30 in Fd 26 (Bargaining Status) - as well as stopping union dues.
    • on stopping Code 244 (Reversion to Basic Pay), INSERT the same Code in Fd 26 that applied prior to commencing Code 244 - as well as re-commencing union dues.
  7. Since the maternity allowance qualifies as a Sub Plan, unemployment insurance deductions are not to be effected during the complete period of payment. Consequently, change U.I. status (Fd 40) to "2" using PAC 12. Report on a separate DSS 2517 T with a lower control number than the one used on the PAC 18C244.

    Note: All allowances and deductions sitting on the Allowance and Deduction (A/D) portion of the MER will be dropped and a partial snapshot of the account will be produced for departmental personnel.

  8. To STOP the allowance, report a PAC 18C001 (Revision to Basic Pay - see Section PPIM 4-4-18-2). The effective date of the reversion is the day following the last day of payment of the Maternity Allowance.
  9. Reinstate U.I. deductions by amending Fd 40 to "1". Where necessary, STOP (PAC 18S202) for the special superannuation deduction OR change Fds 37, 47 (PAC 12 effective the Start of the open period of the allowance) and Fd 39 (PAC 05 effective the Start of the open period of the allowance), whichever is applicable.
  10. Report PAC 18C's and 16C's to reinstate all allowances and deductions that were dropped.
  11. Temporarily Struck Off Strength (T-SOS) the employee's pay account by means of a PAC 13. The effective FROM DATE of the T-SOS must be the same date as was used on the original T-SOS transaction for the Maternity Leave Without Pay.

    Note: In the case of an employee who temporarily resumes employment during the period of Maternity Leave, it is essential that the T-SOS and RE-TOS transactions accurately reflect the actual periods of leave.