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March 23, 1990

SUBJECT: Equalization Adjustment - CR and ST Groups


1.1 The purpose of this directive is to provide information and instructions on the processing of the recently announced equalization adjustments for the Clerical and Regulatory (CR) and Secretarial, Stenographic and Typing (ST) Groups.

1.2 This directive must be read in conjunction with the Personnel Management Manual (PMM) Bulletin no. 90-12 dated March 16, 1990 which deals with the on-going payment and a further PMM Bulletin to be issued in the near future dealing with the retroactive payment.


2.1 Treasury Board authorized by its decision 813048 on January 25, 1990 the implementation of equal pay adjustments for all employees in the CR and ST Groups in departments and agencies listed under Schedule 1, Part 1 of the Public Service Staff Relations Act (PSSRA) based on the results of the Joint Union/Management Initiative and Section 11 of the Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA).


3.1 Equalization adjustments will be implemented in two phases: On-going equalization adjustments effective April 1, 1990 and retroactive payments for the period April 1, 1985 to March 31, 1990.

3.2. On-going Equalization Adjustments

These adjustments become effective April 1, 1990 are subject to superannuation and are considered pay for all purposes (i.e. promotion, transfer, acting pay calculations and payment of salary-based entitlements, including overtime).

3.3 Effective April 1, 1990 the adjustment amounts (to be paid as a separate entitlement code - 144) are the following, regardless of the level within the applicable group:

Group Annual Amount
CR $ 994.00
ST $1,289.00

3.4 These on-going adjustments (code 144) will be modified effective September 1, 1990 to reflect total wages (i.e. pay and benefits) as required by the Canadian Human Rights Act. Annual adjustments will be made on a fixed date each year, to be identified in a future PMM Bulletin.

3.5. Retroactive Payments

Lump sum payments are retroactive to April 1, 1985 and are subject to superannuation but are not considered to form part of the rate of pay.

3.6 The amounts of the retroactive adjustments are:

Period CR ST
01/04/85 - 31/03/86 $714 $1111
01/04/86 - 31/03/87 $496 $1129
01/04/87 - 31/03/88 $680 $1202
01/04/88 - 31/03/89 $643 $1169
01/04/89 - 31/03/90 $994 $1289

3.7 These amounts must be pro-rated based on the time employed in either of the affected groups in either a substantive or an acting capacity with the employee benefiting from the higher adjustment amount for any acting period.

i.e.: An employee who is substantively CR and who acted in the ST group receives the ST adjustment for the acting period. An employee whose substantive position is ST and who acted during the retro period in the CR group receives the ST adjustment for the entire period.

3.8 Adjustment amounts must be pro-rated for periods of Leave Without Pay (LWOP) or part-time employment.

3.9 Retroactive lump sums will be paid using one of two new codes:

  • 218 - Retroactive Equalization Adjustment, Superannuable or
  • 219 - Retroactive Equalization Adjustment, Non-superannuable.

3.10 Code 173 (Premium in Lieu of Statutory Holiday) will not be calculated on this retroactive payment. Neither must payment be reduced for any reduction in earnings during the retro period for recovery of statutory holidays (18R049).


On-going Equalization Adjustments

4.1 Supply and Services Canada (SSC) Paying Offices will automatically update the on-going adjustments to all employees in the CR and ST groups (Bargaining Unit Designator (BUD)'s 503 and 505 respectively).

4.2 Any employee acting in the CR or ST group (if reported using 18C002) will be updated automatically. However, departments must ensure that the basic salary rate has been correctly established. Please note that any account still retaining an Acting Premium (code 238) with a substantive classification either CR or ST may be incorrectly updated and must be amended.

4.3 The annual amount will be automatically pro-rated for part-time accounts.

Retroactive Payments

4.4 SSC has, in conjunction with Treasury Board, developed a plan to automate as many retroactive payments as possible.

4.5. Retroactivity for Active Accounts

Automatic payments will be generated for active account which meet the following criteria:

  • class/level unchanged during the retro period
  • class unchanged/level changed
  • acting within the same class
  • substantive within affected class/acting outside class
  • Take-on-Strength (TOS) during retro period
  • Temporarily Struck Off Strength (TSOS) during retro period

4.6 The above payments will be created on April 6, 1990 and retained on a suspense file.

Proforma detailing these payments, including periods of LWOP, will be issued at the same time and will be forwarded to departmental personnel for verification. Any necessary changes and/or deletions must be made to these proforma and the proforma (those containing changes or deletions only) returned to the payment office for data capture by May 4, 1990.

4.7 Departmental personnel are responsible for the calculation and reporting of retroactive payments for the following accounts:

  • part-time (listing will be produced for assistance)
  • time summary accounts (Proforma will be produced for assistance)
  • acting ST from substantive CR (difference between CR and ST adjustment only)
  • acting within ST or CR from another group (e.g. GS)

4.8 In order to avoid unnecessary delays, superannuation deductions will be taken at single rate and based on the current status of the account. This will result in the requirement for adjustments if there was a change in the superannuation status during the retro period. Adjustments will be made at a later date by the paying offices for the following situations:

  • 35 years service
  • LWOP at double rate
  • unauthorized LWOP

4.9. Retroactivity for Struck-off-strength (SOS) Accounts

An identical process to that for the active accounts will subsequently be followed for the SOS accounts. Payments will be created on approximately May 4, 1990 retained on a suspense file and proforma forwarded to departmental personnel. These proforma (changes and deletions only) must be returned to the paying office by June 1, 1990 for processing on June 9, 1990.

4.10 Payments will be processed automatically, as for active accounts, for all accounts which are still present on the SSC master file. (Any accounts for which Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) retroactivity was processed in 1989 would still be present). If an employee had service in more than one departments, the proforma will be forwarded to the last employing department, whose responsibility it is to requisition payment.

4.11 Payments for accounts no longer present on the SSC master file will reject and require TOS/SOS transactions. The reject will indicate the amount to be paid and will be retained on a recycling suspense file. It is important that all TOS/SOS transactions for this purpose must indicate Employee Type "X". Any other code or blank will cause changes to the Superannuation Contributor System master which will reflect the true status of the account.

4.12 For accounts of former employees who are now annuitants, the regular process for retroactive amendments should be followed including the issuing of an amended DSS 2000. The one exception to the process is that a review of the Supplementary Death Benefit (SDB) coverage is not required.


5.1 Any queries on the foregoing may be addressed by telephone to Advisory Services - Pay, M. Trudel 819-956-2065.

Original Signed by
R. Gravel

M-J. Posen
Personnel Products Branch
Accounting, Banking and Compensation Directorate