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July 18, 1994

Ottawa, Canada
K1A 0S5

SUBJECT: Validation and Reformat of Paylist Addresses/Uniqueness of Paylist Numbers


1.1 The purpose of this directive is to provide general information in preparation for transition to the Public Service Compensation System (PSCS) specifically concerning the validation and reformatting of paylist addresses (section 3) and the requirement for unique paylist numbers by client department (section 4).


2.1 The purpose of the Validation and Reformat of Paylist Address exercise is to first, verify the accuracy of Paylist Addresses for distribution of error analysis and financial reports; and then to utilize the information resident on the Regional Pay System to enable conversion to the Public Service Compensation System with purified data.

As PSCS has only one master file, duplicate paylists, (same paylist for same department but in different Regional Pay Office), cannot be accepted. Therefore, Departments are requested to modify their paylist structure to ensure that only unique paylist numbers exist across the country.


3.1 The Regional Pay Offices will produce a hard copy Paylist Address Control File for Error Analysis Reports Distribution and Financial Reports Distribution and submit to the respective client site. If the client site is not known, the above lists will be sent to the Client Headquarters site for transmission to the actual client site. Clients will be requested to process the necessary corrections and forward completed forms to the Regional Pay Office for update.

Regional Pay Offices will be issuing a directive outlining detailed procedures and deadlines in the near future.

A new DSS form accompanied by procedures are being developed to replace those highlighted in the Personnel-Pay lnput Manual, to create new paylists and modify existing paylists. These will be available early this summer.


4.1 Unique paylist numbers by Department are a requirement of the new Public Service Compensation System. This means that Client Departments must amend any existing duplicate paylist numbers to ensure that uniqueness is maintained.

4.2 Regional Pay Offices will approach their regional clients to initiate this cleanup. Client Departments will be provided with detailed procedures by Paying Offices for this process.

4.3 In order to ensure that current and future uniqueness is maintained, Pay Offices will be provided with a block of paylist numbers. Therefore, all requests for new paylists submitted to Pay Offices will be scrutinized and appropriate paylist numbers allotted. This exercise must be completed by the 1994 calendar year end. A reminder from paying offices will be sent to clients one month before expected completion to ensure that purification is achieved.

4.4 It must be understood that a number of other elements required for PSCS must be addressed within the Regional Pay System. For example, the "next statutory increase date" field must be completed prior to conversion to PSCS. There will be a number of other elements to be examined and updated. We are in the process of determining those elements and we will communicate specifics via directive at a later date.


5.1 Any queries on the foregoing may be directed by telephone to J. Ray Roy at 819-956-2067 or Domenic Crupi at 819-956-2047 or FAX ether of the above at 819-956-2098.

Original Signed by
P. Charko

P. Charko
Director General
Compensation Sector
Government Operational Service Branch

Reference : CJA 9020-36-7