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September 16, 1996

Ottawa, Canada
K1A 0S5

SUBJECT: Non-Regular Work Week Leave Without Pay Reporting (LWOP)


1.1 The purpose of this directive is to inform Departments and Agencies of the new interim input procedures applicable to LWOP. These procedures will apply only to those employees working a non-regular work week.


2.1 Changes were made to the Regional Pay System (RPS) in order to ensure and maintain the correctness of pay data on RPS including the Salary Service component. Compensation Directive 1996-026 dated June 4, 1996 explained the system and procedural changes.

2.2 The improvements were introduced to ensure that the reported dates of LWOP and the actual number of hours/days/weeks of LWOP correspond. Specifically, the Regional Pay System was modified to include a calendar which facilitates automation under the Compensation Productivity Initiative (CPI). These procedures are necessary because the edits associated with the calendar do not allow for an employee's normal day of work to include a week-end. As a result, adjustments have been made to permit departments to input LWOP on week-ends for those employees working a non-regular work week, including Saturday and Sunday. For those employees working a regular work week, LWOP input should be in accordance with the above noted directive whereby edits do not allow for LWOP on weekends.


3.1 A new indicator (3) in field 34 of the non-standard work week field has been developed in order that those individuals working a non-regular work week can be properly identified. If this indicator appears on an employee's master file, the RPS will recognize that a period of LWOP reported for a Saturday and/or Sunday is part of the actual work week for this employee and will allow the LWOP input to process.

3.2 Departments have two options as to when to change the indicator on the employee's master file. This update can be done immediately or when the next LWOP period is to be input. This process will also apply to any period of LWOP that is to be reversed. It must be noted that once the work week has been registered as non-regular either on the initial reporting or on the reversal of LWOP, the new code 3 status will be maintained on the employee master file. In the short term however, a number of transactions can automatically impose a different work week code of "1" or " 2". Programming to correct this irregularity is anticipated for March 1997. In the interim the following pay actions, if input after the code "3" has been imposed in field 34, will override the code 3 and re-impose a "1" or "2" indicator.

Pay action:

  • Pay Action Code (PAC) 05 Miscellaneous Transactions,
  • PAC 06 Promotions,
  • PAC 07 Demotions, and
  • PAC 10 Conversions.

If these actions are input after the code "3" has been entered, the code must be re-input for those employees who still have a non-regular work week so that departments maintain an accurate account of the individuals. If the status is not corrected after the above pay actions, the code must be entered again when a new period of LWOP on a weekend is to be input. This status change must be actioned before the new LWOP is input or a reject will occur.

3.3 The status field change is to be entered by PAC 12 Amend for batch input or through Status Screen (STA) on-line. Due to the urgency of this change, updates to the appropriate sections of the Personnel Pay Input Manual (PPIM) for both the batch and on-line procedures will be issued by the end of September 1996.

3.4 To assist Pay and Benefits Specialists a message will be produced when there is a change in the non-standard work week field (34) during a period of LWOP. The message, both for batch and on-line input, will appear only when the current or previous code in the field was a "3". The message is as follows: "W94 - F34 Changed During LWOP Period". At that point, the pay and benefits specialist must verify whether or not a status change is required and proceed accordingly. These interim procedures will only be in place until March 1997. After that date, programming will be completed to ensure that the status code "3" not be overridden when the above noted PAC are input.

NOTE: Changes to the programs are anticipated in March of 1997 which will consider deleting or moving to 3.2 the 1 and 2 to those transactions noted above and therefore allowing the code 3 to be maintained.


4.1 Any request for information regarding the foregoing should be addressed to your PWGSC Client Services Centre as per Compensation Directive 1994-039 dated October 6, 1994.

Original Signed by
P. Charko

P. Charko
Director General
Compensation Sector
Government Operational Service

Reference: CJA 9015-18