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July 29, 1998

Ottawa, Canada
K1A 0S5

SUBJECT: Changes to the Accounting Processes for Fiscal Year 1998-1999 - Regional Pay System


1.1 The purpose of this directive is to advise clients of the Regional Pay System of revised accounting processes for the latter part of fiscal year 1998-1999.


2.1 The introduction of the Financial Information Strategy (FIS) into the Public Service Payroll environment effective with the commencement of fiscal year 1999-2000 has necessitated changes to the reporting and accounting processes for payroll payments. In order for the Regional Pay System to meet the requirements of FIS effective April 1, 1999, system and operational changes will be introduced in the latter portion of the 1998-1999 fiscal year. These changes will impact all departments regardless of their intended FIS status for the fiscal year 1999-2000.


3.1 Changes in Concept for the Accounting Period

Effective in November 1998, (accounting periods 08 to 12) there will be a change to the commencement and closing dates of the accounting period. For example, accounting period 08 (November) will remain open until the third last working day of the month (November 25, 1998). What this means is that payments issued on or prior to this date will be dated and accounted for in period 08. Payments issued after this date will be physically dated and accounted for in the following accounting period.

Payments issued on one of the last three working days of the month will be postdated to the first working day of the following month. This process applies only to supplementary payments issued through the Regional Pay System.

With the exception of the close-off of December 1998 and the commencement of January 1999 business, all accounting months will commence on the third last working day of the month. January 1999 accounting business will be from December 17, 1998, until January 26, 1999, inclusive.

3.2 Calendar Year End Processing

For the 1998-1999 fiscal year, the close of the December 1998 and commencement of January 1999 business will deviate from the third last working day scenario described above. December 1998 business will commence on November 26, 1998, and will close on December 16, 1998.

Payments issued on or after December 17, 1998, will be postdated to January 4, 1999, and reported as January 1999 business. These payments will not be reflected in the employees 1998 earnings.

Departments must ensure that supplementary payments to be included in 1998 calendar year earnings are issued and dated before the December accounting month close-out on December 16, 1998. There is no facility to issue payments in January 1999 and have the value reflected on a 1998 T4.

3.3 Elimination of March-Paid-April (P13) Effective Fiscal Year 1998-1999 (March 1999)

Effective with March 1999 processing, March-Paid-April processing for the Pay Product will be discontinued. Payments issued on or after March 27, 1999, will be postdated to April 1, 1999, and reported in the new fiscal year.

The monthly accruals for regular pay which are currently available in the Regional Pay process will remain.


4.1 Finance On-Line Access for Verification and Updating of Financial Coding

To provide support for the verification and update of financial coding by departmental Finance users, new on-line screens will be added to the Regional Pay System.

Prior to the commencement of the 1999-2000 fiscal year, departments will be required to update and authorize their financial coding which will be used in the next fiscal year. In order to facilitate this process, new on-line pay screens have been developed to assist the departments with this task. The new screens will be available to both FIS compliant and non-FIS compliant departments several months prior to the commencement of the new fiscal year.


5.1 Any request for specific information regarding the foregoing should be addressed to your Public Works and Government Services Canada Client Services Centre, as per Compensation Directive 1994-039, dated October 6, 1994.

General information on the impact of FIS on the Public Service Payroll Systems can be obtained from the Financial Information Strategy Internet site " ". This information is updated on a regular basis.

Original Signed by
P. Charko

P. Charko
Director General
Compensation Sector
Government Operational Service

Reference: CJA 2005-18