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Information to Employees -
Recruitment and Retention Allowance -
Applied Sciences and Engineering Group

February 22, 2001

SUBJECT: Applied Science and Engineering Group--Recruitment and Retention Allowance


1.1 The purpose of this directive is to provide information on the new Recruitment and Retention Allowance provided for certain employees in the Applied Science and Engineering Group (AP). This allowance is described in the memorandum of understanding of the AP Group collective agreement which was signed on December 21, 2000.

1.2 In this text, use of the masculine is generic and applies to both men and women.


2.1 In an attempt to solve recruitment and retention problems, the Treasury Board (TB) has authorized an allowance to certain employees in the AP Group.


3.1 The annual allowance will be paid to employees in the following groups:

Applied Science and Engineering Group
Recruitment and Retention Allowance

Architecture and Town Planning Group (AR) Bargaining Unit Designator (BUD) 20300
Level Amount
AR-1 $5,000
AR-2 $6,480
AR-3 $8,146
AR-4 $9,485
AR-5 $10,690
AR-6 $11,536
AR-7 $12,890
Engineering Group (EN-ENG) BUD 21001
Level Amount
EN-ENG-1 $5,429
EN-ENG-2 $6,590
EN-ENG-3 $8,879
EN-ENG-4 $10,263
EN-ENG-5 $11,840
EN-ENG-6 $13,064
Land Survey Group (EN-SUR) BUD 21002
Level Amount
EN-SUR-1 $6,005
EN-SUR-2 $8,832
EN-SUR-3 $9,514
EN-SUR-4 $10,799
EN-SUR-5 $11,648
EN-SUR-6 $11,673
Patent Group (SG-PAT) BUD 23000
Level Amount
SG-PAT-1 $5,000
SG-PAT-2 $6,692
SG-PAT-3 $7,801
SG-PAT-4 $8,827
SG-PAT-5 $10,318
SG-PAT-6 $11,042
SG-PAT-7 $11,889

3.2 Commencing October 1, 2000, and ending September 30, 2002, eligible employees will receive an annualized allowance. This allowance will be paid on a bi-weekly basis and will be included on all regular pay cheques (including those of the Pay Period plus [PP+]).

3.3 This allowance shall be paid only to eligible employees who are active members of the bargaining unit on or after December 21, 2000. Employees who took or are taking Leave Without Pay (LWOP) during the retroactive period will not be eligible to receive this allowance for the period of LWOP.

3.4 Eligible part-time employees will receive an allowance which will be prorated in accordance with their Assigned Work Week (AWW).

3.5 Employees who are in receipt of acting pay, on or after December 21, 2000, and are members of the eligible groups will be entitled to receive this allowance for the period in which they are acting.

3.6 Since this allowance will not be considered part of the pay rate, entitlements related to pay situations (such as promotions or acting pay) will not be recalculated. In addition, this allowance is not to be used to compute the 4% gratuity or other entitlements such as premium pay in lieu of statutory holidays.

3.7 All of the provisions found in this collective agreement must be implemented within 90 days of the signature of the collective agreement. The 90-day implementation period for this collective agreement expires March 20, 2001.

3.8 Information about the Recruitment and Retention Allowance can be found on the following Web sites:

GENet: Collective Agreements -- GENet Publiservice

Internet: Collective Agreements -- Internet Publiservice

An information to employees document is attached to this directive.


4.1 This payment will be made using entitlement code 251 (Recruitment and Retention Allowance).

A system generated process will be used on February 22, 2001, to commence the allowance for all eligible current employees, including those paid in arrears (7A). The retroactive portion will be paid to eligible employees who were active members of the bargaining unit on or after December 21, 2000.

Compensation Advisors will be responsible for commencing this allowance for all new eligible employees and for stopping it when an employee is no longer eligible.

| The input requirement for field 71 for all transactions is as follows:

| WWSWWAWWNSWW (left justified), i.e. "WW", Standard Work Week (SWW), AWW and Non Standard Work Week Indicator (NSWW).

| Examples

| SWW is 37.50 hours per week, employee working 22.50 hours per week, NSWW is 1 and F71 would show: WW375022501

| SWW is 37.50 hours per week, employee working 37.50 hours per week, NSWW is 2 and F71 would show : WW375037502

4.2 This allowance is subject to the following deductions:

  • Income Tax
  • Employment Insurance
  • Canada Pension Plan/Quebec Pension Plan
  • Disability Insurance Plan and Long Term Disability Insurance Plan
  • Public Service Superannuation Plan
  • Supplementary Death Benefit Plan


5.1 Any request for information regarding the foregoing should be addressed to your Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) Compensation Services Office.

Original Signed by
R. Jolicoeur

R. Jolicoeur
Director General
Compensation Sector
Government Operational Service

Reference: ENT 251; BUD 20300;
21001; 21002 and 23000