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October 11, 2001

SUBJECT: On-line Pro Forma - Phase 2


1.1 The purpose of this directive is to introduce phase 2 of this new data entry option for the on-line Regional Pay System (RPS). Phase 2 of the pro forma will permit the creation of the various transactions necessary when doing a taken on strength (TOS) and a transfer-in (TIN) for multiple employees in the RPS.

1.2 This directive must be read in conjunction with Compensation Directive 2001-016 dated July 23, 2001 entitled "On-line Pro Forma - Phase 1".

1.3 In this text, use of the masculine is generic and applies to both men and women.


2.1 As a result of consultation with our clients, it was determined that, in order to improve services, a pro forma method of input would be required to generate multiple transactions with few repetitive keystrokes and within a reduced time frame. Phase 1 of this initiative was implemented on August 14, 2001. Phase 2 deals with creating multiple transactions required to TOS and TIN employees who do not have an account in the RPS.

2.2 Compensation Advisors should consult the On-line Generic Pro Forma Job Aid for phase 2 which is now available at the following Web site addresses:

Internet: On-line Pro forma - Phase 2


3.1 Phase 2 - Multiple transactions to TOS and TIN employees not currently on the Data Base Master

3.1.1 When doing a TOS and a TIN for an employee in the RPS, there are other transactions that need to be created. If the employee does not have an account on the required paylist in the RPS, a TRANSFER from the newly created TOS or TIN must be done. With the new pro forma this would not be possible. As a result, a series of transactions that are linked to TOS and TIN will be created in Phase 2. The following transactions are linked to TOS:

  • Taken on strength (TOS)
  • Entitlement Adjustment (EAJ)
  • Entitlement Commence (ENC)
  • Deduction Commence (DEC)
  • Direct Funds Transfer (DFT)
  • Mailing Address Change (MAC)

The following transactions are linked to TIN:

  • Transfer-in (TIN)
  • Deductions Commence (DEC)
  • Entitlement Commence (ENC)
  • Direct Funds Transfer (DFT)
  • Promotion (PRO)
  • Miscellaneous Staffing Action (MSA)

3.1.2 As with the transfer-in scenario identified in phase 1, the number of accounts that are to be TOS or TIN will be entered. This is done at the bottom of the Pro forma Selection (PRF) screen and a number from 1 to 999 can be entered. The subsequent PRF screen will only list the headings under which the Personnel Record Identifier (PRI) must be entered. If more than 10 accounts are identified on the PRF screen, subsequent pages will be generated to accommodate the remaining number of accounts.

3.1.3 Once the list of all PRIs is completed on the Employee Selection List Screen, a TOS transaction screen will be displayed for the first PRI on the list. The information regarding the name and initial associated with that PRI will be retrieved from the Central Index if the employee is not on the master list for the paylist. If the employee is on the master list, the previous TOS transaction will be displayed. Once the TOS transaction has been created, the EAJ screen is displayed for the same employee. The information is entered and the transaction is created. Once all of the required transactions have been completed, the second account (PRI) will be displayed. The TOS information from the first account will be redisplayed for the second account with the appropriate PRI except for the date of birth field of the employee which will be left blank. After entering the changes required on the TOS screen for the second account, and creating it, the EAJ for the second account will be displayed with the same information as the last EAJ screen created. This will be repeated for all transactions throughout the process until the DFT and the MAC transactions are displayed. The previous information will not be brought forward in these instances.

3.1.4 If an additional EAJ, DEC or ENC is required, the "F12" transfer key will transfer to a new transaction as it is currently done. When the subsequent account is displayed, it will have the most current previous transaction brought forward. If one of the screens was bypassed on the original account, when it is displayed for the second account, it will not have been filled in.

Example: A new employee requires 2 EAJs in order to pay 2 previous pay periods. The most current (second created transaction) EAJ will be displayed for the second account.

3.1.5 Once all of the transactions have been created for the selected accounts, the Employee Selection List will be redisplayed with the sequence number of the TOS transactions displayed. All individual accounts from this list can be selected for viewing the transactions sequence numbers.

The Sequence Number List will be displayed with one account per page. Each page will list the transaction type and sequence number for each transaction.


If the following transactions were completed for an employee, they would be listed as follows:

  • TOS 1255 006826
  • EAJ 1255 006832
  • EAJ 1255 006849
  • ENC 1255 006854
  • DFT 1255 006870, 1255 006871
  • MAC 1255 006882


4.1 Any request for information regarding the foregoing should be addressed to your Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) Compensation Services Office.

Original Signed by
John Paveling

R. Jolicoeur
Director General
Compensation Sector
Government Operational Service