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April 16, 2008 (Revised December 3, 2009)

SUBJECTChanges to the Extra Duty Allowance -- Aircraft Operations (AO) Group


1.1 The purpose of this directive is to advise of changes to the Extra Duty Allowance (entitlement code 298) for the Aircraft Operations (AO) group, Bargaining Unit Designator (BUD) 401.


2.1 Due to a change in the Professional Aviation Currency Policy (PACP), starting April 1, 2008, the Extra Duty Allowance for the AO group shall be paid as an ongoing biweekly payment, rather than a biannual lump sum payment.

2.2 The revised code was implemented in the Regional Pay System (RPS) on April 1, 2008.


3.1 In accordance with the current collective agreement for the AO group, eligible employees in the bargaining unit are entitled to receive an Extra Duty Allowance (EDA).

3.2 This allowance is to be paid to all eligible employees who are active members. Managers are responsible to maintain documentation that authorizes the EDA payment and determines the employee's eligibility according to the requirements of the Transport Canada's Professional Aviation Currency Program for Civil Aviation Inspectors (CAI) (formerly referred to as the Professional Currency Programs for Civil Aviation Inspectors) and the Canadian Transportation Accident Investigation and Safety Board (TSB) Policy on CAI Professional Aviation Currency, as prescribed in the AO Group's collective agreement.

3.3 Effective April 1, 2008, this allowance will be based on an annualized amount to be paid biweekly with regular pay, including pay period plus (PP+).

| 3.4 Part-time employees will be eligible to receive the full amount of this allowance.

| 3.5 This allowance shall be paid in full for eligible employees on pre-retirement transition leave (PRL), leave with income averaging (LIA) and/or for those employees that are working a portion of the work week and are on leave without pay (LWOP) for the remainder of the week.

3.6 This allowance does not form part of an employee's salary, therefore, entitlements related to pay situations will not be recalculated.

Employees who took or are taking LWOP may be eligible to receive this allowance as "deemed" salary for pension purposes if they met the eligibility as defined in the PACP.

3.7 This allowance is not to be used in calculating the 4% gratuity or other entitlements such as premium pay in lieu of statutory holidays.


4.1 Compensation advisors are responsible for commencing this allowance and for reporting the retroactive payments by completing an "Entitlement Commence" (ENC - pay action code [PAC] 18C) with entitlement code 298, rate base 9.

The RPS will generate automatic supplementary payments for all "entitlement commence" transactions with an "effective From" date prior to the current pay period.

Managers are responsible for advising Compensation if and when the eligibility requirements are not being met, in which case Compensation will stop the allowance for the employee in question.

4.2 Amounts related to this entitlement code are subject to the following deductions:

  • Federal/Provincial Income Tax
  • Employment Insurance (EI)
  • Quebec Parental Insurance Plan (QPIP)
  • Canada Pension Plan (CPP) or Quebec Pension Plan (QPP)
  • Disability Insurance (DI) Plan and Long Term Disability Insurance (LTD) Plan
  • Contributions in accordance with the Public Service Superannuation Act (PSSA)
  • Supplementary Death Benefit (SDB) Plan

4.3 Please refer to the Personnel-Pay Input Manual (PPIM) sections 4-4-18-3-1 and 4-4-18-3-2 for pay input requirements.

4.4 The PPIM will be updated to incorporate the relative information contained in this compensation directive.


There are no changes to the current pay office procedures.


5.1 Any inquiries on the information contained in this document should be addressed to your Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) Compensation Services Office.

Original Signed by
B. Fortin

Brigitte Fortin
Director General
Compensation Sector
Accounting, Banking and Compensation

Reference(s): BUD 401
ENT 298