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January 7, 2009

SUBJECT: Historical Salary Amendment


1.1. The purpose of this directive is to provide compensation advisors with information concerning changes to the Regional Pay System (RPS) to ensure that the correct historical salary is used when amending or revising an employee's salary.


2.1. As part of the ongoing preparation for Pension Modernization, projects are underway to ensure that all data currently residing in the existing systems is as accurate as possible.

In 2005, a team was assembled to review the accuracy of pension data by comparing pensionable salary and service to contributions received, and to identify situations causing incorrect contributions to be calculated.

This review has revealed that when an employee's salary is being amended, either for an ongoing period or a specific retroactive period, there are no edits in place to ensure that the former salary rate used on the transaction matches the current rate residing in the salary/service history (SSH) for that same period.


3.1. Prior to inputting the former salary rate into the RPS, the compensation advisors should ensure that the proper rate is determined for the period(s) being reported.

3.2. To ensure compliance to this rule, a new edit control has been added to the RPS on November 18, 2008.

3.3. This new edit control will verify that the former rate entered on a transaction to change an employee's salary matches with the rate residing in the SSH for the period reported. This new edit will apply to the following transactions: Miscellaneous Staffing Action ( Pay Action Code (PAC) 05A001/002), Promotion (PAC 06A001), Statutory or Merit Increase (PAC 08A001/002), Revision (PAC 09A001/002), Conversion (PAC 10A001/002) and Acting Pay/Appointment (PAC 18C002).

3.4. The message "Q46 - FORMER RATE AMOUNT DOES NOT MATCH SAL/SER LINE / ANCIEN TAUX MONTANT NE CORRESPOND PAS LIGNE SAL/SER " will be displayed if the former salary entered on the transaction does not match the rate amount in the SSH for the period entered on that transaction.

3.5. For online input clients, the Q46 reject message will be displayed online upon input. As for batch and bulk input clients, the reject message will be sent to the client department along with an error analysis report and a salary service snapshot.

3.6. Please note that this edit will be bypassed if the rate and former rate entered on the transaction are the same, if the rate base on the transaction does not match the rate base on the salary/service records or if the period entered on the transaction cannot be found on the salary/service records.

3.7. The Personnel-Pay Input Manual (PPIM) will be updated to incorporate the changes contained in this compensation directive.


4.1. Any inquiries on the information contained in this document should be addressed to your Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) Compensation Services Office.

Original Signed by
B. Fortin

Brigitte Fortin
Director General
Compensation Sector
Accounting, Banking and Compensation

Reference(s): CJA 9033-212; 9015-1