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March 2017

Pay overview (all government)
  Regular pay cheques issued to employees
March 2017 601,814
Total year-to-date
(January to March 2017)
Public Service Pay Centre service standards (44 departments and agencies)
  Service standard
(business days)Footnote 1
Percentage of transactions
meeting service standards
Estimated timeframe
to reach steady stateFootnote 2
Current Previous
Promotions 30 days 21% 24% Summer
New hires - benefits 20 days 22% 24% Spring
Termination 20 days 24% 17% Spring
Disability 20 days 37% 43% April
Parental leave 20 days As of March 9, 2017, 95% of incoming transactions are processed within service standard 19% Steady state achieved as of March 9, 2017
Return from leave 20 days 29% 28% Spring
Acting 30 days 9% 9% Spring
Automation of past actings has started and 20,000 payments have been issued to employees
Employee transfer 45 days 42% 28% Spring
(such as assignment at level, exchange of information between third parties)
20 days 46% 33% Summer
Automated transactions
(extra duty pay, bilingual bonus, salary calculation)
Next available pay periodFootnote 3 N/A N/A
Number of transactions past service standard awaiting processing: 284,000Footnote 4

Important note

Employees missing pay can get emergency salary advances and priority payments from their departments/agencies.

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