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From: Public Services and Procurement Canada

As part of efforts to address pay issues and support employees, new online training on Phoenix is now available. Developed by the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, the training focuses on how the pay process works, specifically the way data flows between Human Resources (HR) systems and Phoenix.

Online training (only available to internal government network / contact your manager to find out how to access the training) is available to help you understand how to use Phoenix and avoid pay issues. Take the training today!

In addition, there are two other important steps employees and managers should review when making pay requests:

Learn to use Phoenix

Watch the video to find out why it is important to take the Phoenix training.

Transcript: Learn to use Phoenix

Start of clip.

(Upbeat instrumental background music fades in. A young, short-haired man in a blue checkered shirt begins speaking to the camera.)

The Phoenix pay system has caused frustrating and challenging pay issues for employees across the country.

(Music continues in background.)

Compensation experts are working hard to address existing pay problems. Now this situation isn’t your fault, but you can help prevent new pay problems from happening. Learn how to use Phoenix. Public service pay is complex, and using Phoenix can be challenging. Understanding how to use Phoenix will help prevent new pay issues. Take the online training today.

(Our narrator moves to the left side of the screen. As he says “Learn how to use Phoenix,” an animated graphic of a laptop computer appears on the right side of the screen. The laptop reads: Learn how to use Phoenix and Take the online training today.)

(Fade to white.)

(The animated words Visit for more information appear on screen.)

(Public Services and Procurement Canada logo appears.)

(Government of Canada logo appears.)

(Background music fades.)

(Fade to black.)

End of clip.

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