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From: Public Services and Procurement Canada

Timing matters. By submitting Phoenix pay requests early, you can help employees receive their pay without delay.  Plan ahead so that requests for new hires and actings are submitted in time for the Pay Centre to process them.  Phoenix works better when new requests and other pay transactions are submitted on time.

Here are some key activities that will help employees get paid on time and accurately:

To help get into the Phoenix habit of planning ahead, watch the video and bookmark the following public service pay resources, tips, and FAQs. Visit often. Make it part of your plan.

In addition, there are two other important steps employees and managers should review when making pay requests:

Plan ahead

Watch the video to learn why it is important to submit your requests early.

Transcript: Plan ahead

Start of clip.

(Upbeat instrumental background music fades in. A young, short-haired man in a blue checkered shirt begins speaking to the camera.)

The Phoenix pay system has caused frustrating and challenging pay issues for employees across the country.

(Music continues in background.)

Compensation experts are working hard to address existing pay problems.

Now this situation isn’t your fault, but you can help prevent new pay problems from happening.

Plan ahead: Phoenix works better when pay requests are entered on time. Submitting requests for actings or term renewals before they happen will help in providing quick, trouble-free payments. Overtime added within six months is completely automated and will appear on your next pay.

(The animated words PLAN AHEAD appear over an animated graphic of an alarm clock with turning hour and second hands. As he says “Submitting requests for actings…,” the clock is replaced by the animated laptop which reads REQUEST SUBMITTED along with an animated checkmark. As he says “Overtime added…,” the animated laptop is replaced by 6 animated monthly calendars.)

(Fade to white.)

(The animated words Visit for more information appear on screen.)

(Public Services and Procurement Canada logo appears.)

(Government of Canada logo appears.)

(Background music fades.)

(Fade to black.)

End of clip.

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