T4s will be available on a staggered schedule

Update on 2017 tax slips

Employees will have access to their 2017 tax slips at the end of February 2018. They are asked to follow the access schedule outlined for their specific department or agency. This staggered approach will help prevent system slowdowns that could result if a large number of users log in to Phoenix at the same time. This will also ensure that access continues to be available for other transactions, such as approvals of employee transactions.

How to access your 2017 tax slips

Follow the menu path in Phoenix employee self-service to access your 2017 tax slips:

  • Main Menu Self Service Payroll and Compensation View T4/T4A Slips
  • Main Menu Self Service Payroll and Compensation View RL-1/RL-2 Slips

Tax slips for 2017 will also be available on the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Québec websites for anyone registered with My Account.

Note: Employees should receive their tax slips and receipts by the end of February 2018. However, T3 and T5013 slips don’t have to be sent before the end of March 2018.

If you incurred costs because of Phoenix

There are processes in place to compensate employees who have incurred expenses or financial losses because of Phoenix. For example, if you need to consult an expert to sort out your income tax, if your government benefits or credits were reduced because of an overpayment or if you have incurred out‑of‑pocket expenses such as interest charges or late fees, you can claim those expenses.

Employee support

If you don’t have electronic access or don’t receive your tax slips in the mail by March 9, 2018, contact the Compensation Web Applications service desk with your Personal Record Identifier and mailing address at tpsgc.awraide-cwahelp.pwgsc@tpsgc-pwgsc.gc.ca or 1-855-634-2358.

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