Update on collective agreements: January 2018

The Treasury Board negotiates 27 collective agreements with 15 different bargaining agents. To date, 21 of the 27 collective agreements have been reached, covering over 90% of represented employees in the core public administration.

Despite our best efforts, because of the number of collective agreements being implemented and the fact that retroactive payments are complex as they span several years, some employees have not yet received their collective agreement payments.

If you are owed payments resulting from a new collective agreement that you have not received, or you have received an incomplete payment, complete the following steps:

  • Departments or agencies serviced by the Pay Centre:
    • Notify your manager
    • Complete the Phoenix feedback form (under Step 2, in the “What best describes your situation?” drop-down list, select “Collective Agreement related payments”)
  • Departments or agencies not serviced by the Pay Centre:
    • Notify your manager
    • Contact your departmental compensation unit

A dedicated group of compensation advisors, both at the Pay Centre and at non-Pay Centre departments and agencies, remain committed to processing payments related to salary increases, allowances and retroactive payments. This work is being completed as quickly as possible.

Regular updates are posted on the Collective Bargaining Update page.

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