Pay Bulletin: December 2017

From Public Services and Procurement Canada

The objective of the Pay Bulletin is to provide information that is specific, timely and relevant to employees.

In the spotlight: Emergency salary advances and priority payments

In light of the approaching holiday season, we want to remind everyone that no employee should go unpaid or suffer financial hardship because of inaccurate pay. Employees who have not received their pay can request an emergency salary advance or a priority payment through their department by contacting their human resources or finance branch, or by filling out a Phoenix feedback form on our website. Emergency salary advances provide new employees and employees returning from leave without pay with an advance on their pay until their file in Phoenix can be brought up to date. Priority payments are used for employees who are already on payroll, but have not received the full amount they are owed for their regular pay.

When we receive such a request, we send it to the responsible department for urgent action. Employees can receive an advance within 24 to 48 hours. Please note that each department is responsible for issuing their own emergency salary advances and priority payments.

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Public Service Pay Centre update

View Public Service Pay Centre updates to see current and past Public Service Pay Centre dashboards.

Public Service Pay Centre dashboard
Public Service Pay Centre dashboard

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This image depicts the current Public Service Pay Centre dashboard.

The Public Service Pay Centre update details current and past Public Service Pay Centre dashboards. These dashboards detail the transactions beyond normal workload, the Public Service Pay Centre workflow and the percentage of transactions processed within service standards.

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