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What happens if I get an amended tax slip?

Amended tax slips for the 2018 tax year are issued on a biweekly basis until the end of 2019. They will then be issued monthly. Amended tax slips may be produced if your employer makes an adjustment to your earnings or benefits that impacts your tax slip for last year. For example, if an overpayment from 2018 is only reported in 2019, after your original tax slip is issued. The Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Québec automatically reassess all tax returns upon receipt of an amended tax slip. For more on amended tax slips, consult our web page, Accessing and managing your tax slips.

Want to know what departments and agencies across government are doing to support their employees with matters related to human resources and pay?

This month we’ve put the spotlight on Veterans Affairs Canada!


If your 2018 income was higher because Phoenix pay issues meant you were paid salary from a previous year, it’s possible that you paid more income tax than usual. It’s also possible that some of your government credits and benefits, like the Canada child benefit, will be reduced, since these are based on your income.

Learn how to claim the difference.

A round of applause for the people behind the pay pods

The final wave of pay pods was rolled out on May 30, meaning that all departments and agencies served by the Pay Centre now have pay pod teams dedicated to knowing their specific needs and processing their pay-related cases. The Pay Pod model is an initiative of front-line compensation staff, and it’s these public servants who now put the model into action every day. So this year during National Public Service Week, let’s learn about the outcome of the efforts of our dedicated pay pod employees on the Processing by Pay Pods web page. You can also hear from some of the Pay Centre employees themselves about what pay pods mean for their work:

Click the image to read more from pay pod staff members on Twitter.

The image includes a group of employees with the following quote: "There's a better plan in place and a more cohesive manner of addressing all the case work. We band together and get things done!" by Ian, Coach

Delivering a great summer for our students includes timely pay

Summer students are on their way! We want to deliver a great work experience for our students this summer. So, be sure to submit all appropriate human resources paperwork in a timely manner. As with all employees, ensuring our students are paid accurately and on time means planning ahead, submitting requests on time and approving quickly.

Contracts awarded for automation of pay processes

We have awarded two contracts for the automation of manual pay processes. These are the first contracts to be awarded as part of the pay stabilization innovation challenge, which followed the notice of proposed procurement published in August 2018. For more information about the contracts awarded and this procurement process, please visit our web page, Stabilizing pay through innovation.

Record of Employment (ROE) and Employment Insurance (EI)

Applying for EI? Always apply for EI as soon as you stop working. You can apply for benefits even if you have not yet received your ROE. Did you know that Service Canada can calculate a claim without an ROE? View EI regular benefits for more information.

Client Contact Centre update

Following enhancements announced in May 2018, the Client Contact Centre (CCC) continues to improve its services to better support federal employees.

CCC agents now have access to epost Connect, which allows them to send Protected B information to employees upon request. As a result, if you do not have access to the Government of Canada’s internal network, you can now get electronic copies of Protected B documents, such as your pay stubs or tax slips, by contacting the Client Contact Centre.

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Public Service Pay Centre update

View Public Service Pay Centre updates to see current and past Public Service Pay Centre dashboards.

Public Service Pay Centre dashboard

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This image depicts the current Public Service Pay Centre dashboard.

The Public Service Pay Centre update details current and past Public Service Pay Centre dashboards. These dashboards detail the transactions beyond normal workload, the Public Service Pay Centre workflow and the percentage of transactions processed within service standards.

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