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The Pay Bulletin provides employees with an update on progress towards addressing the backlog of pay transactions and provide information about public service pay.


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  • Client Contact Centre update

  • Following enhancements announced in May 2018, the Client Contact Centre (CCC) continues to improve its services to better support federal employees.

    CCC agents now have access to epost Connect, which allows them to send Protected B information to employees upon request. As a result, if you do not have access to the Government of Canada’s internal network, you can now get electronic copies of Protected B documents, such as your pay stubs or tax slips, by contacting the Client Contact Centre.

    If you are looking for information or help with compensation and benefits inquiries, or if you experience technical issues when using the Compensation Web Applications (CWA) or the pay system, contact the CCC at 1-855-686-4729 (in Canada or the United States) or at
    (outside Canada and the United States).

  • Claims for financial impacts due to Phoenix.

    There are processes in place to compensate current and former employees who have incurred expenses or financial losses because of Phoenix. If you’ve paid interest charges, late fees or were taxed at a higher income tax rate, you might be eligible to file a claim.

  • The departmental schedule for accessing your 2018 tax slips is now available.

    Once again this year, Government of Canada tax slips will be released to federal employees on a staggered schedule between February 22 and 27, 2019. This approach will help prevent system slowdowns that could result from a large number of users logging in to Phoenix at the same time. It will also ensure that access to the system continues to be available for other transactions, such as approving employee transactions. To access the schedule and to get more information, please visit our web page.

  • Find out how tax slips are issued to current and former public service employees and what to do if you receive multiple or amended tax slips.
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Public Service Pay Centre update

View Public Service Pay Centre updates to see current and past Public Service Pay Centre dashboards.

Public Service Pay Centre dashboard

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This image depicts the current Public Service Pay Centre dashboard.

The Public Service Pay Centre update details current and past Public Service Pay Centre dashboards. These dashboards detail the transactions beyond normal workload, the Public Service Pay Centre workflow and the percentage of transactions processed within service standards.

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For all pay related inquiries that can’t be handled by your department or agency’s HR unit, please contact the Client Contact Centre at


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