Pay Bulletin: April 2018

From Public Services and Procurement Canada

The objective of the Pay Bulletin is to provide information that is specific, timely and relevant to employees.

In the spotlight: With Phoenix, timing matters

To help employees and managers better understand Phoenix and the importance of timely entries, the Government of Canada has introduced a new Phoenix web page.

Visit the new page Preventing pay issues: Timing matters to watch the new Phoenix videos, browse for tips on how to plan ahead and approve pay requests quicker, and find out how to take the Phoenix training. With Phoenix, timing matters.

New this month


Planning ahead

When possible, submit new requests for actings and other pay transactions before they happen. Phoenix works better when pay requests are entered on time.

Approving quickly

Checking for requests awaiting approvals regularly will help your employees get paid as quickly as possible.

Learning how to work with Phoenix

Public service pay is complex, and using Phoenix can sometimes be challenging. Take the Phoenix training today and learn how to use the system more effectively.

Public Service Pay Centre update

View Public Service Pay Centre updates to see current and past Public Service Pay Centre dashboards.

Public Service Pay Centre dashboard
Public Service Pay Centre dashboard

Accessible image description

This image depicts the current Public Service Pay Centre dashboard.

The Public Service Pay Centre update details current and past Public Service Pay Centre dashboards. These dashboards detail the transactions beyond normal workload, the Public Service Pay Centre workflow and the percentage of transactions processed within service standards.

Did you know

  • There is a new claims process to help compensate employees affected by underpayment and overpayment situations.
  • May is a 3-pay-period month, which means your monthly pay deductions are only taken in the second and third pay periods. For more information, visit the page How to read your pay stub.
  • If you are experiencing issues filing your 2017 taxes, see the page on tax-related issues for helpful information.

More information

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