Pay Bulletin: December 2018

From Public Services and Procurement Canada

The objective of the Pay Bulletin is to provide information that is specific, timely and relevant to employees.

In the spotlight: The Pay Bulletin is changing!

Starting in January 2019, the format of our Pay Bulletin will change to provide you with more timely information about your pay, tips on how to use Phoenix, and our progress on tackling the backlog. Follow us @PSPC-SPAC through our Social Media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for the latest information about your pay.

New this month


Request an emergency salary advance or a priority payment

No one should go unpaid or suffer financial hardship because of inaccurate pay. With the holiday season approaching, we want to remind everyone that employees who have not received their pay can request an emergency salary advance or a priority payment.

Overpayments and your tax slip

If you think you were overpaid in 2018, find out what you can do to ensure that your tax slip reflects your accurate pay and does not include overpayment amounts.

Support to employees

We have developed a quick reference guide for employees who are experiencing pay issues to download, bookmark or print. Refer to it for quick links to emergency salary advances, how to help prevent pay issues, updating your personal information, and more.

Public Service Pay Centre update

View Public Service Pay Centre updates to see current and past Public Service Pay Centre dashboards.

Public Service Pay Centre dashboard
Public Service Pay Centre dashboard

Accessible image description

This image depicts the current Public Service Pay Centre dashboard.

The Public Service Pay Centre update details current and past Public Service Pay Centre dashboards. These dashboards detail the transactions beyond normal workload, the Public Service Pay Centre workflow and the percentage of transactions processed within service standards.

Did you know

  • Read about collective bargaining updates between the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat and bargaining agents.
  • If you are experiencing pay issues, or would like to report a problem with your pay (including requesting an emergency salary advance, or accessing your pay information online), submit a Phoenix feedback form or contact the Client Contact Centre at 1-855-686-4729.
  • Can't find information about a pay-related question? Let us know and we'll address it on our web site.

More information

For more information, visit our Pay for the public service website, where you will find relevant information such as:

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