Phoenix news and updates

Updates on the status of the Phoenix pay system.

Services and information

Important information about overpayments and taxes

Information on overpayments, how to report them and how to get ready for the upcoming tax season

Notice of proposed procurement

The Government of Canada continues to look for innovative solutions relating to all aspects of the HR-to-Pay process

Pay Bulletin

Read up on helpful information about your pay system

Public Service Pay Centre update

Regular updates about Public Service Pay Centre activities and service standards

Measures to stabilize the pay system

Steps taken to address employee pay system issues since the transition to the new pay system

Deputy Minister letters on the pay system

Find out what government departments and agencies are doing to help resolve pay system issues and pay problems for employees

Archived: Technical briefings on Phoenix

Archived scripts from the technical briefings on Phoenix

Investments in Phoenix

Read how much the Government of Canada invested into the Phoenix pay system

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