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Departmental Liaison Office October 2017

Communication Mediums

The Web

  • On the Radar at NRCan
  • Guide on Pay, Benefits and Pheonix
  • Linking to:
    • The NRCan Bulletin Board:
      • PSPC Dashboards
      • Announcements
      • PSPC Pay Bulletin
      • Tips and Tricks from the DPLO
      • Messages from CHRO
      • Phoenix Support page
      • Collective Agreement updates
    • Communications (archived CHRO and DPLO emails)
    • Training Information
    • Benefits information and links
    • Pension information and links
    • Important procedures and standards
    • Contact information and links


  • Messages sent from the Chief Human Resources Office (CHRO) or the Departmental Liaison Office (DPLO) of Natural Resources Canada.
  • References items such as:
    • Updates on Phoenix/Pay/PSPC/Pay Centre/TBS
    • Critical information
    • Collective Agreement updates
    • Calls for action


  • Interdepartmental meetings regarding Pay/Phoenix updates with key stakeholders:
    • Sectors
    • ADMs
    • EXComm
    • SMTs


  • Calls for action
  • Announcements


  • Planned assemblies to communicate updates on Phoenix and various pay issues/concerns:
    • Town halls
    • All Staff Meetings
    • Open-houses
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