Part 2: PSPC internal services to support the administration of Government pay

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Infographic outling the 4 categories of effort that PSPC’s internal services to support the administration of Government pay have contributed toward HR-to-pay stabilization. The name of each category and descriptions of related efforts follow the infographic.

Talent acquisition and capacity building

Effort 1: Capacity building for the Pay Centre

Since the launch of the new pay system, the HR Branch within PSPC implemented various initiatives to provide support to PSPC employees and managers and increase the effectiveness of pay transaction processing. Two of the most significant initiatives have been the creation of an HR Resolution Team as well as an HR Service Center to provide employees with an easily accessible first point of contact for support and assistance with pay enquiries and issues. Both units work collaboratively with the Pay Center and are able to react quickly and effectively to resolve cases requiring HR intervention.

The HR Branch Organizational Design and Classification team has worked closely with management to ensure the timely creation of positions critical to the Pay Centre and the Satellite Offices. The work entailed innovative and agile organizational structures and designs to ensure the organization was able to attract the right talent.

The HR Branch and the Pay Administration Branch worked on a revitalized recruitment strategy for opportunities at the Pay Centre and Pay Satellite Offices.

Active headcount CAs and trainees (A) CA support (B) Total processing (A+B) Non-processors (C) Total headcount (A+B+C)
Apr-16 401 34 435 108 543
Oct-17 720 265 985 226 1211
  1. Includes AS02 Compensation Advisors and AS01 Compensation Advisor Trainees
  2. Includes all CR05 Compensation Assistants and some CR04 Workload Coordinators
  3. Includes Team Leaders, Managers, Coaches, Administrative Services, Strategic Services etc.

A call for interest was launched for Compensation Advisors at the AS-01, AS-02 and AS-03 group and levels with compensation experience. Simultaneously, an inventory for Compensation Advisors at the AS-01, AS-02, and AS-03 group and levels was created targeting current and former employees with compensation experience. The inventory identified criteria that may be used to recruit compensation advisor trainees. The intent is to attract and recruit experienced compensation advisors for immediate operational requirements while maintaining the flexibility to recruit for future needs. We also collaborated with HR Council to inform departments. The original Call for Interest was launched on May 16th, 2017. A second Call for Interest was sent to retirees through the Pension newsletter the first week of September 2017. In total we received 886 CVs. We have screened in 194 applications with 99 being retirees.

Impacts/Outcomes Achieved:

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  • In March 2017, PSPC launched a CR-04/CR-05 process to staff up needs at in Matane, Miramichi and Shediac. By May 8th to late June 2017, we were able to staff up 86 CR-04 and 36 CR-05 positions in Miramichi, 70 CR-04 positions in Shediac and 35 CR-04 positions in Matane.
  • In late August 2017 we launched an AS-01 inventory to staff up the Client Contact Centre. We have conducted 58 interviews, qualified 42 candidates and offered 14 casual contracts. The Client Contact Centre need to be in full operations with 100 new employees by the end of fiscal. 
  • There is currently an external Compensation Specialist inventory open at the AS-01, AS-02, and AS-03 group and level that was launched October 3rd, 2017. To date we have received 824 applicants that will be screened to staff up future needs.
  • In early October, PSPC launched a CR-05 process (internal and external) yielding 901 candidates.  Evaluations are being held in the fall 2017 to hire 300 candidates for January 2018 in 4 different locations (Charlottetown, Kirkland Lake, Miramichi and Moncton). Currently, we have 656 applicants remaining. Exams are being administered late October and early November. We do not foresee any challenges on our end to meet these requirements.

Satellite office set-up

Effort 1: Set-up of satellite offices

Extensive corporate services support were provided to ensure the set-up of the existing satellite offices.

Impact/Outcome Achieved:

  • The satellite offices for Winnipeg (52), Gatineau (89), Montréal (44), and Shawinigan (11) began operations in July 2016
  • The Halifax (14) satellite office began operations in September 2016
  • The Kingston (15) satellite office began its work in March 2017

Effort 2: Set-up of new pay satellite offices

New Pay Satellite offices are being established with the following staff compliments:

  • 15 VAC employees to be seconded to PSPC;
  • 12 current VAC terms/casuals to be provided with non-advertised appointments/deployments;
  • Duration of agreement will be for a minimum 1 year, maximum 2

Impact/Outcome Achieved:

Operations commenced mid-September

Employee wellbeing and engagement

Employee wellbeing and engagement Effort 1:

The PSPC HR Branch continues to provide support to the Pay Centre on the complex area of employee wellbeing and engagement. It should be noted that the Department’s Mental Health Ombudsman visited Miramichi Pay Centre in May 2017 and provided verbal recommendations to the Deputy Minister. In the following weeks, the well-being team organized and conducted two focus groups with employees to identify their needs for well-being support. The results of this work were added to the Pay Centre’s action plan for employee well-being.  The Pay Centre has also put a team in place to run focus groups with employees and to develop a leadership program. 

Since last summer, the HR Branch has been providing additional employee assistance support through a counsellor who travels two days per week to Miramichi (in addition to the existing resource who travels one day per week).  They also supported the Pay Centre to put in place a contract with Health Canada for additional Employee Assistance Services.  By the end of November, they will have hired a third counsellor to support the Pay Centre.  The counsellors not only meet with employees to provide individual counselling, but they also provide workshops on resilience and mental health.  Our Conflict Management team has travelled to Miramichi several times to deliver training on communication and dealing with difficult clients. 

The HR Branch also been working closely on the Pay Centre’s disability management files over the summer.  In October, a new full-time Disability Management Advisor was hired located in Miramichi. This will help give visibility and priority to the most difficult disability issues which affect pay and will provide support for employee absence, return to work, and accommodation.

Our Labour Relations team provided training for team leaders and managers on labour relations in October.  The local union president has been released to work full-time supporting union members until March 2019.

By end of fiscal year, we will be piloting a peer support program to allow employees to be trained to provide support to colleagues. We have also named an employee to represent the Pay Centre on our National Psychological Health and Safety Working Group.  This employee attended our two-day national meeting in Ottawa in June.

Finance and administration

Effort 1: Accommodations

In support of the extraordinary effort underway to address Pay issues, my department moved rapidly to free up and consolidate space to accommodate additional resources hired in support of Phoenix. In addition, we are currently fitting up space for an additional staff in anticipation of more growth in capacity to meet requirements.

Effort 2: Relocation and travel services

FAB supported the departmental efforts to increase compensation resources by providing tailored and flexible service for the relocation and travel needs of supplementary compensation resources required to staff new satellite centres.

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