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Re: Challenges posed by the pay system

The Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB) is a micro organization (66 FTEs); this greatly limits the ability to contribute resources to stabilizing pay service issues. While the Pay Centre provides compensation services for the PMPRB, it should be noted that Health Canada acts as an intermediary for the PMPRB and liaises with the Pay Centre on our behalf. Health Canada also assists the PMPRB with pay related issues (e.g. they process our emergency salary advances (ESAs). Our small numbers allow us to quickly identify issues and few barriers to communication exist internally.

Considering the above, the following is what the PMPRB has done regarding pay services:

  • Financial Services keeps the Salary Forecasting Tool up-to-date, highlighting discrepancies between forecasts and actuals.
  • Communications from PSPC and TBS regarding Phoenix are sent to employees, when relevant.
  • All requests for information regarding pay services are responded to in a timely and accurate manner; this is centralized under the Director, Corporate Services.
  • ESA and priority pay processes were made clear to employees and managers via email. Human Resources is available to assist employees, as required.
  • Managers have been made aware of their responsibilities regarding Phoenix (e.g. section 34 approval).
  • The reports from PSPC are being utilized to track and monitor ongoing cases.
  • The PMPRB participates in interdepartmental meetings/teleconferences regarding pay services.

For the future, the PMPRB will:

  • Establish an awareness campaign regarding review and verification activities in the HR system.
  • Roll-out and track OCHRO developed training.

Yours very truly,

 Dr. Mitchell Levine
Acting Chairperson

c.c.: The Honourable Ginette Petitpas Taylor, Minister of Health

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