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Michael Wernick
Clerk of the Privy Council and Secretary to the Cabinet
Suite 1000
85 Sparks Street
Ottawa ON  K1A 0A3

Dear Sir:

I am writing to you today in response to your letter of November 2, 2017, regarding the challenges of the pay system and your request for information on the efforts that have been made and that are planned by the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (“the Commission”) in order to help stabilize the pay system.

I understand the extent to which you are concerned by this situation facing the entire public service. For the Commission, it is a major problem affecting nearly 66 percent of its employees, which is a bit less than in the rest of the public service. As you undoubtedly know, the Commission is a small organization of approximately 70 employees that benefits from the services offered by the human resources and finance units of the Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness. Consequently, certain tasks, namely data entry in PeopleSoft and Phoenix, are completed by Public Safety Canada employees. Enclosed you will find a list of the activities that have been undertaken to improve the situation with the pay system. If it has not yet been done, I would propose creating a working group composed of a few representatives from smaller organizations with the objective of identifying the specific challenges for these types of organizations and possible promising solutions. The Commission would participate on a voluntary basis in such an initiative in order to find solutions to common problems.

In closing, since I cannot state any improvements to the system itself, I would like to point out that progress has been made in the area of communications regarding the pay system.


Guy Bujold
Interim Vice-chairperson and 
Acting Chairperson


cc: The Honourable Ralph Goodale, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness

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