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Establish an HR-to-Pay team within your department for government-wide efforts

  • Hiring an experienced employee has allowed us to maintain a dedicated and well-trained compensation team.
  • Through our processes, we ensure that all employees, including students, receive their pay.
  • We have responded to over 2,125 requests and answered 200 phone calls since January 1, 2017.
  • We participate in interdepartmental committee meetings (1/month) and conference calls (1 call / 2 weeks).
  • We take part in working groups that focus on simplifying business processes, increasing efficiency and testing revised compensation processes and tools.
  • We have developed and introduced compensation procedures and service standards.
  • We have introduced mechanisms to mitigate the impact for affected employees (cash advances).

Report on your progress on HR-to-Pay stabilization priorities

  • The compensation team devotes, on average, 30 hours a week to the production of departmental follow-up reports and charts, and to employee file monitoring.

Managers and employees are informed of HR-to-Pay developments

  • We have put in place a departmental communication strategy to inform employees/managers.
  • We send out informational/training messages (vignettes).
  • We continue to canvass employees, managers and union reps in order to identify situations and quickly introduce appropriate measures to minimize the impact.
  • Employee pay is a standing item on the agendas of executive and management committee and labour‑management committee meetings, and at employee meetings.

Managers and employees understand their role and responsibilities in HR-to-Pay

  • Online Phoenix training is mandatory for all managers and employees.

Managers and employees incorporate robust HR-to-Pay practices into their routine

  • Delegated managers approve, under Section 34 and in a timely manner, employee leave and overtime taken in pay.

Employees ensure their contact information is up to date in their HR system

  • We have provided information and customized training sessions for all employees to help them master the online tools available to them.
  • We regularly remind employees and managers about change management and the importance of maintaining their knowledge in this regard.
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