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Establish a HR-to-Pay Team within your department for government-wide efforts

  • Established and recruited over 50 employees for a PSPC satellite pay office in Winnipeg.
  • A dedicated HR-to Pay team was established in July 2016 including HR, HR-Systems & Finance.
  • Increased from 6 to 18 full-time employees dedicated to pay liaison functions.
  • Hired 10 dedicated ESDC compensation advisors (CAs) and currently recruiting a further 10 CAs.
  • Increased from 6 to 21 full-time employees dedicated to financial activities (e.g. section 33, claims against the crown, overpayment/underpayment monitoring and reporting).

Report on your progress on HR-to-Pay stabilization priorities

  • ESDC represented at the DM, ADM and DG governance tables.
  • DG and Director assigned full-time to support GC HR-to-Pay Integrated Action Plan.

Managers and employees are informed of HR-to-Pay developments

  • Bi-weekly departmental wide key user network informed of latest HR-to-Pay developments.
  • In 2016-17, eighty-six (86) corporate messages, newsletters and articles were distributed and targeted to various levels of the organization.
  • Bargaining agents are kept informed at union management committees (regional and national).

Managers and employees understand their role and responsibilities in HR-to-Pay

  • 5,384 emergency salary advances and priority payments for $7.8 million have been issued to date.
  • A three-step escalation process for the reporting of pay issues established and incorporated in regular reminders.
  • The new OCHRO HR-to-Pay employee and manager training will be launched through the ESDC integrated learning system with participation tracked.

Managers incorporate robust HR-to-Pay practices into their routine

  • Bi-weekly section 34 reminders for managers integrated into the log-in for all computers on the departmental network.
  • Quarterly reminders to all employees to ensure their section 34 manager is up to date and valid.
  • Salary financial forecasting tools deployed and strengthened to assist in identifying over and under payments.

Employees' contact information is up to date

  • Quarterly reminders are issued to employees to ensure their contact information is up to date in Peoplesoft
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