Strengthening HR-to-Pay: Context at Finance

From Public Services and Procurement Canada

Expected actions/outcomes Actions undertaken at Finance Planned next steps at Finance
Establish a HR-to-Pay Team within your department for government-wide efforts Finance has established a multi-disciplinary team of human resources, financial and accounting specialists to examine pay cases and issue emergency salary advances and priority payments when warranted. The Department will ensure that its interests and mandate continue to be represented at the stabilization committees and working groups by a participant with the appropriate level and authority.
Report on your progress on HR-to-Pay stabilization priorities The integrated team of human resources, finance and accounting specialists at Finance has a demonstrated ability to deliver reporting and analytics with regard to compensation and is expected to continue to be able to respond to data requests in an efficient manner. The Department is in the process of adding experienced compensation advisors to its Liaison Office to further enhance its current services to employees through the use of direct access to Phoenix to make corrections or adjustments as necessary.
Managers and employees are informed of HR-to-Pay developments Regular communication with all staff through InfoBulletins, special newsletters and the InfoSite. The Liaison Office will continue its presence in internal functional communities (e.g. Administrative Professionals) and will continue its focus on outreach activities in the near future to ensure information is available and disseminated to all employees.

Regular and ongoing briefings to the Executive Committee will continue as one of the means of disseminating critical and timely information while securing management support throughout the organization.

Managers and employees understand their role and responsibilities in HR-to-Pay InfoBulletins, special newsletters, the InfoSite as well as dedicated internal training sessions have been used to ensure employees and managers are informed on the various processes related to pay transactions, including the process for emergency salary advances and priority payments and on how to approve overtime. 

HR-to Pay training pre-registration for HR professionals was completed and the launch of the HR-to-Pay training is being planned.

To continue regular communication to staff including reminders to employees and managers on pay processes and progress towards stabilization.

Activities are being planned for follow-up of completion and additional coordination of WebEx sessions for specialists.

Managers incorporate robust HR-to-Pay practices into their routine Finance follows-up on outstanding transactions pending manager approval when reports are provided by Public Services and Procurement Canada. Employees and managers have been reminded that there are no email notifications when transactions are pending their approval and to therefore verify Phoenix on a regular basis. Finance is exploring the feasibility of running reports for outstanding transactions pending manager approval directly in Phoenix. Managers and employees dealing with specific situations are provided with training and guidance as needed (e.g. approve an employee's time worked in cases of part-time reintegration to work).
Employees’ contact information is up to date Updating employee information is part of the HR process and employees have access through the self-service functionality within the HR system to update their own information. An email to all employees will be prepared for dissemination in the near future as a reminder to verify and update their contact information, if needed.
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