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Note: Activities in bold denote links to the Strengthening the HR-to-Pay Contributions and Reporting indicators put forward to the DM Committee in late October.

Pillars Objectives Activities
People Build Capacity
  • Increase capacity on the Compensation Team from 65 employees (17 compensation advisors) to 100 (including 35 compensation advisors)
  • Negotiate the integration of DND staff in satellite offices and accessibility to Phoenix with PSPC
Governance Support
  • Build a Governance Secretariat
  • Membership in governance committees (DM, ADM, DG) and HR-to-Pay working groups
  • Participate on UMCC Communication Subcommittee and the Data, Report and Analytics Working Group
  • Engage with OGD / cluster departments to identify common solutions
  • Establish an internal HR-to-Pay Team comprised of HR, compensation, IT, CFO, communication and analytics stakeholders
  • Consult and engage with key stakeholders, including Senior Military and Civilian Management and Base/Wing Commanders
  • Consult and engage with Bargaining Agents
  • Provide cyclical progress report and data to governance forums for business decisions
Change Management and Culture Change
  • Shift the culture from late processing to on-time processing
  • Create HR-Pay Training and Communications to bring awareness, knowledge, changed behaviour and work planning
Equip HR Professionals
  • Train HR staff to improve data quality and timely data entry in HRMS
Equip Employees and Managers
  • Roll out and monitor completion rates for new Compensation Training for employees and managers
  • Participate in town halls to support managers and employees
  • Develop training aids and videos to support employee and managers in pay administration
  • Ongoing communication on the Defence Team News, including cyclical pop-up messages
  • Launch an awareness campaign for employees on maintaining correct personal address information in the HR system
Improve Compensation Client Service
  • Continue to communicate and manage emergency payment requests (ESA and Priority Payment)
  • Assess 1-800 Call Centre capability
Process Collaborate with OCHRO and PSPC to improve pay
  • Identify and negotiate additional transaction repatriation with PSPC based on select criteria (e.g. high volume, simple process, highest impact)
  • Provide input to proposed PSPC process changes
  • Engage PSPC on the changes to service delivery model (pods)
Address the DND backlog
  • Reduce PAR rejection rate
  • Reduce Section 34 outstanding cases through communication and monitoring
  • In collaboration with PSPC, repatriate selected processes and train staff:
    • Compensatory Time Off (CTO)
    • Transfer IN/Transfer OUT requests
    • LWOP
  • Assess portfolio management process to address complex case backlog by community (i.e. FR, UT, SR)
Review and improve DND HR Business Processes linked to Pay
  • Perform root cause analysis to inform the streamlining and improvement of HR processes (classification, e-staffing and staffing) that directly impact compensation.
  • Address data integrity and timely integration of information.
  • Assess and revise the Common HR Business Processes (CHRBP) to eliminate steps that impede pay.
  • Monitoring and measuring both the quality and timeliness of our input into Phoenix.
  • Concentrated effort being applied on PAR rejections to further reduce from 11% - two keys areas being targeted are 1. Process changes and 2. Completeness and accuracy of information.
Technology/ Tools Access to PSPC tools
  • Advocate for greater and enhanced access to the Phoenix system for Compensation staff
  • Advocate for view access for Classification and Staffing personnel to confirm HR activity
  • Access to Case Management Tool to target areas of focus
  • Diagnose system deficiencies
  • Propose required system changes
Access to OCHRO data
  • Participate on the Data, Report and Analytics WG
  • Collaborate with OCHRO for data and reports accessibility
Build DND analytics capability
  • Develop internal dashboards to assess HR root causes
  • Develop reports and analyses for senior management for decision-making
Develop DND IT solutions
  • Improve and enhance website content specific to DND
  • Improve intranet and internet presence for employees and managers in the workplace and at home to access services and information
  • Resolve firewall issues to improve accessibility for employees at work and home
  • Develop a Case Management Tool (CMT) to manage and monitor escalated cases.
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