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Public Service Pay Centre update

From: Public Services and Procurement Canada

The pay issues currently being experienced by public servants are unacceptable, and we are working tirelessly at all levels to resolve them. To that end, the Public Service Pay Dashboard has been redesigned to better track the progress being made in ensuring that public servants are paid accurately and on time.

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Financial transactions beyond the Pay Centre's normal workload since 2018

The following graph represents the backlog of financial transactions waiting to be processed at the Public Service Pay Centre. It shows the overall downward trend since January 2018, from 384,000 to 164,000, as of May 25, 2022. Note that these figures exclude 80,000 transactions that are considered to be part of the normal workload.

Financial transactions beyond Pay Centre's normal workload since January 2018 – Table
Month and Year Number of transactions
January 2018384,000
February 2018380,000
March 2018377,000
April 2018372,000
May 2018347,000
June 2018334,000
July 2018316,000
August 2018313,000
September 2018311,000
October 2018303,000
November 2018289,000
December 2018283,000
January 2019275,000
February 2019260,000
March 2019248,000
April 2019245,000
May 2019239,000
June 2019230,000
July 2019230,000
August 2019228,000
September 2019228,000
October 2019220,000
November 2019214,000
December 2019202,000
January 2020197,000
February 2020183,000
March 2020166,000
April 2020149,000
May 2020137,000
June 2020125,000
July 2020121,000
August 2020122,000
September 2020124,000
October 2020110,000
November 2020103,000
December 2020101,000
January 2021112,000
February 2021104,000
March 202194,000
April 202198,000
May 2021106,000
June 2021104,000
July 2021104,000
August 2021115,000
September 2021126,000
October 2021125,000
November 2021120,000
December 2021122,000
January 2022141,000
February 2022139,000
March 2022137,000
April 2022151,000
May 2022164,000

Financial transactions received and processed by the Pay Centre monthly since 2018

The following graph shows the number of new financial transactions received, as well as the new and backlogged financial transactions processed by the Public Service Pay Centre every month.

The number of financial transactions received from departments and agencies served by the Public Service Pay Centre varies each month. These variations are primarily due to seasonal trends. For instance, the months leading to the start of summer and fall usually consist of higher volumes of student and casual hiring, acting appointments, and employees returning from leave. The number of transactions processed monthly also varies based on different factors, such as the complexity of cases, collective agreement implementation requirements, and seasonal trends. Therefore, as we can see in the previous graph, large reductions in the number of financial transactions waiting to be processed at the Pay Centre will, at times, be followed by a smaller decrease or even increases.

Financial transactions received and processed by the Pay Centre monthly since January 2018 – Table
Year and Month Financial transactions received Financial transactions processed
January 201880,00063,000
February 201873,00077,000
March 201870,00073,000
April 2018131,000136,000
May 201872,00097,000
June 201872,00085,000
July 201864,00082,000
August 201865,00068,000
September 201884,50086,500
October 2018110,000118,000
November 201866,00080,000
December 201867,00073,000
January 201970,50078,500
February 201962,50077,500
March 201960,00072,000
April 201985,00088,000
May 2019136,000142,000
June 201979,00088,000
July 201972,00072,000
August 201975,00077,000
September 201993,00093,000
October 2019115,000123,500
November 201978,00084,000
December 201973,50085,500
January 202058,00063,000
February 202066,50080,000
March 2020114,500131,500
April 202058,00075,000
May 202070,00082,000
June 202060,00072,000
July 202060,00064,000
August 202066,00065,000
September 2020107,000105,000
October 202062,50076,500
November 202069,00076,000
December 202074,00076,000
January 202176,00065,000
February 202169,00077,000
March 2021107,000117,000
April 202187,50083,500
May 202187,50079,500
June 202175,00077,000
July 202177,00077,000
August 202182,00071,000
September 2021141,000129,000
October 202182,00083,000
November 202176,00081,000
December 202183,00081,000
January 202283,00064,000
February 202291,00093,000
March 2022122,000124,000
April 2022101,00087,000
May 2022102,00089,000

Descriptions of terms used in the dashboards

The dashboard presents information on three main areas:

Transactions beyond normal workload

The first measure is the number of transactions beyond our normal workload. The Public Service Pay Centre can normally process approximately 80,000 transactions each month. Eventually, the goal is to have zero transactions beyond the normal workload. Note that these numbers have been rounded for clarity and represent transactions with a financial impact.

Public Service Pay Centre workflow

The second measure is the workflow going through the Public Service Pay Centre. These numbers represent how many transactions are received and processed each month. The goal is to process more transactions than are received, thereby reducing the number of transactions beyond normal workload.

Percentage of transactions processed within service standards

The third measure is the percentage of transactions that are processed within the service standards. Previous dashboards listed separate types of transactions and their corresponding service standards. Presenting information this way made sense because of the prioritization of specific transaction types to bring them in line with service standards. However, given the focus on collective agreements, there is a move towards a more holistic and employee-centric approach where a variety of transactions are processed in an employee’s pay file at the same time. Therefore, presenting an average of all service standards to provide an overall indication of progress is a more accurate metric.

Previous dashboards

Datasets for the Public Service Pay Centre update are available via the Open Government Portal.

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