Public Service Pay Centre dashboard
as of August 23, 2017

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The dashboard numbers explained

Update on pay transactions at Public Service Pay Centre: August 2017

The dashboard numbers explained: Transactions beyond normal workload

Over the past month, we have seen the number of transactions beyond the normal workload increase by 9,000 transactions. This increase was expected as we focused our efforts on ensuring employees are paid what they are owed as a result of recent collective agreements and within legislated timelines.

However, since June, we have processed approximately 268,000 transactions and we are on track with the implementation of collective agreements. Just this month, over 80,000 signing bonuses were successfully paid out as part of the collective agreement implementation for several employment groups. This represents approximately 90% of employees in the PA, EB, TC and PR-NS groups.

It is important to note that Public Services and Procurement Canada remains committed to reporting on indicators that are meaningful to employees. By reporting on the number of transactions that remain to be processed, we can best reflect progress at the Pay Centre and our efforts towards addressing employee pay transactions.

The dashboard numbers explained: Public Service Pay Centre workflow

In the last few months, 19 of the 27 collective agreements negotiated for the core public administration have been signed. Retroactive payments, salary increases and other allowances negotiated as part of these agreements must be paid to employees within legislated timelines following the signing of these agreements.

To meet these timelines, we dedicated a number of compensation advisors to work almost exclusively on these payments. This shifting of resources affected our ability to reduce the number of pay transactions at the Public Service Pay Centre. We anticipated this situation and expect it to continue into the fall until the bulk of collective agreement payments have been made. Once we’ve completed the bulk of the work related to the implementation of collective agreements, we will refocus our efforts on addressing transactions.

Implementing changes resulting from new collective agreements continues to be a priority. Work is underway to process collective agreements within the required timeframes, and updates on progress to date are available on the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat website.

The dashboard numbers explained: Percentage of transactions processed within service standards

In August, the percentage of transactions that met service standards increased, but remains unacceptably low. This was largely because of the focus on collective agreements and our transition to an employee-centric approach. Several transactions in an employee’s file must be addressed in order to properly implement changes related to their collective agreement, allowing us to meet our service standards for certain types of actions. We expect the percentage of transactions that meet service standards to continue to fluctuate as the implementation of collective agreements continues.

Transactions beyond normal workload

228,000 as of
July 26, 2017
237,000 as of
August 23, 2017
0 is the
Details on transactions beyond normal workload

Details on Transactions beyond normal workload

These numbers represent the total number of transactions the Public Service Pay Centre is dealing with that are above and beyond the estimated normal workload of 80,000 transactions per month. Eventually, the goal is to have zero transactions beyond our normal workload. Note that numbers have been rounded for clarity.

Public Service Pay Centre workflow

Total transactions received
July 26 to August 23
Total transactions processed
July 26 to August 23

When the number on the left is smaller than the number on the right, the number of outstanding transactions beyond normal workload decreases.

Details on Public Service Pay Centre workflow

Details on Public Service Pay Centre workflow

These numbers refer to the number of new transactions that were received by the Public Service Pay Centre between June 29 and July 26, as well as the number of transactions that were processed during the same time period. Note that numbers have been rounded for clarity.

% of transactions processed within service standards

35% as of
July 26, 2017
49% as of
August 23, 2017
95% is the
Details on % of transactions processed within service standards

Details on % of transactions processed within service standards

Service standards vary between 20 and 45 days, depending on the type of transaction being processed. This is because some transactions are more complex than others. Transactions relating to maternity or parental leave as well as disability transactions (20 days each) continue to meet their service standards of being completed within the 20 days, 95% of the time.

Note: Until we get closer to achieving steady state, the overall service standard reported will fluctuate. This is because of our focus on pursuing a one-employee / one-pay-file approach to allow us to more seamlessly implement pay changes stemming from collective agreements. These fluctuations in service standards do not affect our progress towards reducing the transactions that are beyond our normal workload.

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