Public Service Pay Centre dashboard
as of September 20, 2017

From Public Services and Procurement Canada

Transactions beyond normal workload

237,000 as of
August 23, 2017
257,000 as of
September 20, 2017
0 is the
Details on transactions beyond normal workload

Details on Transactions beyond normal workload

This month, we have seen the number of transactions beyond the normal workload increase by 20,000. This increase is a result of our current focus on processing collective agreement payments, which has proven more complex and time consuming than initially anticipated. Retroactive payments associated with collective agreements date back several years and require that data be extracted from the government’s former pay system. To address this, we have had to nearly triple the number of compensation advisors dedicated to collective agreements, which means we have fewer staff working on new and existing transactions at the Public Service Pay Centre. We continue our recruitment and hiring efforts with respect to compensation experts for our Miramichi and satellite offices. Further to these efforts, we have recently provided an incentive package to enhance the recruitment and retention of compensation advisors to address pay administration system issues related to the implementation of Phoenix.

Public Service Pay Centre workflow

Total transactions received
August 23 to September 20
Total transactions processed
August 23 to September 20
Collective agreement transactions manually processed
August 23 to September 20
Details on Public Service Pay Centre workflow

Details on Public Service Pay Centre workflow

This month, the number of transactions that came in to the Public Service Pay Centre was 88,000, and the number processed was 68,000. It is important to note, however, that these are not the only transactions processed this month. In September alone, staff at the Pay Centre processed an additional 11,000 transactions associated with collective agreements. During the same period, the Phoenix system automatically processed nearly 114,000 collective agreement transactions. This means that, in total, 193,000 transactions were processed in September.

Percentage of transactions processed within service standards

49% as of
August 23, 2017
62% as of
September 20, 2017
95% is the
Details on percentage of transactions processed within service standards

Details on Percentage of transactions processed within service standards

In September, the percentage of transactions that met service standards increased to well over half, totalling 62%. As was the case last month, this increase is largely because of the focus on collective agreements. We expect the percentage of transactions that meet service standards to continue to fluctuate as the implementation of collective agreements continues.

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