Public Service Pay Centre dashboard
as of November 29, 2017

From Public Services and Procurement Canada

Financial transactions beyond normal workload

265,000 as of
October 18, 2017
335,000 as of
November 29, 2017
0 is the
Details on financial transactions beyond normal workload

Details on Financial transactions beyond normal workload

As shown on previous dashboards, the number of transactions with financial implications beyond the normal workload has increased due to our current focus on processing collective agreement payments, which have proven more complex and time consuming than initially anticipated. Retroactive payments associated with collective agreements date back several years (to 2014 in some cases) and require that data be extracted from the government’s previous pay system.

The workload increase shown on this dashboard is larger than those reported on previous dashboards due to two factors. First, 44,000 transactions already at the Pay Centre, which had not previously been assessed, were determined to have a financial impact, and therefore were added to our financial transaction workload. Second, this dashboard contains three pay periods (November was a three-pay month), whereas previous dashboards have only included two pay periods.

Once the current group of collective agreement transactions are complete, we will turn our focus to processing overpayments to minimize tax implications for employees. We will then direct our compensation resources toward the transactions detailed below. The amount of these transactions will begin to decrease in 2018.

While the exact number fluctuates daily, it is estimated that more than half of public servants are experiencing some form of pay issue (including those served by the Pay Centre as well as non-Pay Centre departments). In total, there are currently approximately 589,000 transactions awaiting processing at the Pay Centre, including:

  • 415,000 transactions with financial impact, which include
    • 335,000 beyond our normal workload, and
    • 80,000 that are part of our normal workload
  • 90,000 transactions with no financial impact, or general inquiries
  • 54,000 collective agreement transactions left to be processed
  • 30,000 transactions waiting to be closed

In addition, pay transaction data is collected from a subset of the 53 departments and agencies who are not serviced by the Pay Centre. On November 29, we received data from 27 reporting departments and agencies, representing approximately 119,000 individuals. They reported just under 30,000 transactions greater than 30 days old. These transactions are not necessarily pay problems, but rather the number of pending pay transactions.

Public Service Pay Centre workflow

Total transactions received
October 18 to November 29
Total transactions processed
October 18 to November 29
Collective agreement transactions manually processed
October 18 to November 29
Details on Public Service Pay Centre workflow

Details on Public Service Pay Centre workflow

Between October 18 and November 29, the Public Service Pay Centre received 132,000 transactions, and processed 106,000. In addition, staff at the Pay Centre also processed an additional 21,000 transactions associated with collective agreements.

Percentage of transactions processed within service standards

60% as of
October 18, 2017
41% as of
November 29, 2017
95% is the
Details on percentage of transactions processed within service standards

Details on Percentage of transactions processed within service standards

Between October 18 and November 29, the percentage of non-collective bargaining transactions that met service standards decreased slightly to 41%. We expect the percentage of transactions that meet service standards to continue to fluctuate as the implementation of collective agreements continues.

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