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Public Service Pay Centre dashboard as of December 22, 2021

Financial transactions beyond normal workload

120,000 as of

November 24, 2021

122,000 as of

December 22, 2021

0 is the

Details on financial transactions beyond normal workload

The number of financial transactions beyond the normal workload for December increased by 2,000 from November 24 to December 22, 2021. While we expect the general downward trend of the last three years to continue, the number of transactions processed each month varies based on a variety of factors, such as seasonal peaks in intake, which may result in slower progress or even increases.

It is estimated that almost half of public servants have an outstanding transaction in progress that may or may not have a financial impact on their pay (including those served by the Pay Centre as well as non-Pay Centre departments). There are currently approximately 297,000 transactions ready to be processed at the Pay Centre, including:

  • 202,000 transactions with financial impact, which include:
    • 122,000 beyond our normal workload, and
    • 80,000 that are part of our normal workload
  • 50,000 transactions with no financial impact, or general inquiries
  • 10,000 collective agreement transactions
  • 35,000 transactions waiting to be closed for which employees have already received payment

Financial transactions beyond the Pay Centre’s normal workload since 2018

Public Service Pay Centre workflow


Total transactions received from November 24 to December 22


Total transactions processed from November 24 to December 22


Collective agreement transactions manually processed from November 24 to December 22

Percentage of transactions processed within service standards


Average in 2020


December 22, 2021

95% is the

Details on percentage of transactions processed within service standards

A total of 81% of non-collective bargaining transactions that were finalized between November 24 and December 22 met service standards. To date in 2021, 80% of these transactions have met service standards on average, compared to a 72% average in 2020.

Public Services and Procurement Canada prioritizes cases that have a large impact on an employee’s pay. For example, in 2020, parental and disability leave was processed within service standards 99% of the time on average.

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