Pay action request form 446-5E

Government of Canada employees served by the Public Service Pay Centre may use this form to make pay-related requests.

Please do not disclose confidential information about yourself or your accounts with Public Services and Procurement Canada. Please read our privacy notice statement.

Issue with Fillable PDF Forms

Please note there are known conversion issues when fillable forms are updated or completed through Internet browsers. This also impacts the subtype not being displayed on the Pay Action Request form when accessing through this method. This affects clients both in work (government networks) and home environments (personal computers).


  1. Download the PDF version of the requested form on your desktop
  2. Right click to select 'Open With' in either Adobe Acrobat, Foxit PDF Editor, or Kofax Power PDF.

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Pay action request form 446-5E
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Protected "B" when completed

Public Service Pay Centre: Mail facility
PO Box 6500
Matane QC G4W 0H6
Pay Centre Fax: 1-855-393-1559
Pay Centre Email:

For pay services that are provided by the Public Service Pay Centre, please complete one (1) Pay Action Request (PAR) Form for each individual employee and attach any required documentation. Note that the Pay Centre will treat these documents as originals. (* Denotes Mandatory Fields)

If your department offers a Centralized Trusted Source or PAR Form Review unit, you are encouraged to send all requests to them first, as they will ensure that your request and documentation are fully complete and will then submit to the Pay Centre on your behalf.

Section 5: Trusted source

For pay actions requiring authorization, Departmental Trusted Source is responsible for authenticating appropriate approvals before submitting to the Pay Centre.

PSPC-SPAC 446-5E-v08 (10/2023)

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