Benefits refer to health, medical, insurance and pension benefits that result in deductions from pay.

Reference: Common Human Resources Business Process 4.01.03.


Public Service Health Care Plan

Enroll and amend Public Service Health Care Plan coverage using Phoenix self-service.

Note:  In certain circumstances the employee can’t make changes using Phoenix self-service to their Public Service Health Care Plan coverage (example: while on unpaid leave or unable to access self-service).  In these scenarios, the Pay Centre will perform any actions on behalf of the employee (an employee who is unable to access self-service must have made reasonable efforts to do so prior to requesting assistance from the Pay Centre).

Send the appropriate forms for enrollment in any voluntary insurance plans (or other benefits not available for enrollment through Phoenix self-service) by encrypted email, fax or mail to the Pay Centre: Mail facility, including a pay action request form PSPC 446-5E duly completed.

Public Service Dental Care Plan

Eligible employees are enrolled in Public Service Dental Care Plan by the compensation advisor once the authority documents are received.

Upon receipt of Notice from the Pension Centre: Public Service Pension Plan

Once eligibility has been received by the Pension Centre:

Pay Centre

Verify eligibility for insurance plans.

Public Service Health Care Plan

Insurance plans

Send the information to the insurer on the employee’s behalf where applicable.

Health coverage

Pension Centre

Public Service Pension Plan

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