Hire or rehire

Hire includes all new hires or rehire to the public sector.

Reference: Common Human Resources Business Process 3.05


New employee

Dual Employment

Advise the manager that they are on leave without pay from their substantive position.


Employee served by the Pay Centre:

Upon receipt of the plan enrolment package:


Section 34 manager and staffing authority is responsible for the following:

Human resources

Note: The direct deposit enrolment form PWGSC 8437 is required in order to initiate first payment. For more information refer to section A.3.12 Direct deposit of the TBS Directive on Terms and Conditions of Employment

Important:  If a request is received by the Pay Centre without all documents listed it will be rejected by the system automatically and returned to the sender. The sender will be required to resend all documents.


Collect the following documentation and send through a trusted source by encrypted email, fax or mail to the Pay Centre: Mail facility, including a pay action request form PSPC 446-5E duly completed:


Section 33 authorization of the transaction in Phoenix.

Note:  If there are questions or concerns about a transaction requiring section 33 authorization, finance will contact the Pay Centre in accordance with procedures.

Trusted source

Upon receiving letter of offer and acceptance (if was required) ensure that signatures on paper requests transmitted from a department to Pay Centre are authenticated, example:

Note: Paper requests submitted directly by employees to Pay Centre, without any departmental signatory requirements are excluded from the trusted source scope.

Pay Centre

Upon notification of data entry in the Human Resources Management System:

Upon receiving pay action request and required documents:

Pension Centre

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