Manager's Disability Insurance plan guide

Process description

The Disability Insurance (DI) Plan is available to represented employees of the federal public service. The plan, administered by the Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada (Sun Life), provides benefits to eligible employees who become totally disabled as a result of an illness or injury.

This guide is designed to help you, as a manager to ensure an employee’s claim is properly processed.

Employee responsibilites

When an employee’s illness or disability is expected to be prolonged beyond the 13-week elimination period or exhausted their sick leave balance, whichever comes later, the employee should notify their respective manager.

Manager responsibilities

When an employee notifies you of their intent to apply for disability benefits, it is your responsibility to immediately complete the Employer’s Statement form (immediate supervisor or manager, 4841-E). You are required to include the employee’s exact information, such as their last day of work, Personal Record Identifier, position, job description, etc.

If your department is served by the Pay Centre:


The Pay Centre will complete the Statement completed by Compensation Advisor (4811-E) form and send both statements to Sun Life.

If your department is not served by the Pay Centre:


It is your responsibility to complete and send the Employer’s Statement to the Pay Centre or your departmental compensation services or human resources as soon as you are advised of your employee’s intent to apply for disability benefits. This will help to ensure timely processing of their claim. A late submission may result in your employee not being entitled to some, or all benefit payments. As a courtesy, please notify your employee once you have completed the steps listed in the manager responsibilities section.

Should you require assistance to complete the steps you are responsible for, contact the Client Contact Centre or your departmental compensation services or human resources.

For more information on how to support an employee in their recovery and return to work, see the Disability Management Handbook for Managers in the Federal Public Service.

For more information on the Disability Insurance Plan for the Federal Public Service, please visit the Sun Life Disability Insurance web page.

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