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Cashing out leave

Last updated: November 7, 2019

This section describes the responsibilities of the various parties involved in processing the cashing out of leave.

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Process description

An employee’s collective agreement will indicate how and when leave is to be paid each year for accumulated compensatory leave.

Manager responsibilities

Upon receipt of information from human resources, the manager:

Once a decision has been made to cash out the leave, the section 34 manager is responsible for approving the cash-out. The section 34 manager:

Human resources responsibilities

Human resources is responsible for advising managers and employees of the maximum carry-over balance that will be cashed out. This should be done in advance (3 months is recommended) of the close of an accounting period of a fiscal year.

Finance responsibilities

Finance is responsible for providing section 33 authorization of the transaction in Phoenix.


If there are questions or concerns about a transaction requiring section 33 authorization, finance will contact the Pay Centre.

Trusted source responsibilities

Upon receipt of the leave cash-out request, the trusted source authenticates the signatures to ensure compliance with the departmental delegation of authorities instrument prior to sending to the Pay Centre.

Pay Centre responsibilities

The Pay Centre:

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