Change in employment

Change in appointment could include the following pay events:


If applicable, the employee is responsible for the following:

Upon receipt of the PWGSC 2018:


If applicable, section 34 manager and staffing delegation authority is responsible for the following:

Extension of employment (example: casuals, students, terms). This occurs when:

Important: Complete prior to the end date of employment to avoid impacts on employees’ pay and ensure continuous service.

Human resources

If applicable, human resources is responsible for preparing the authoritative document.


Examples include the following most common reasons:


Section 33 authorization of the transaction in Phoenix.

Note:  If there are questions or concerns on a transaction requiring section 33 authorization, finance will contact the Pay Centre in accordance with procedures.

Trusted source

Upon receipt of letter of offer and acceptance or any other authoritative documentation:

Note: Paper requests submitted directly by employees to Pay Centre, without any departmental signatory requirements are excluded from the trusted source scope.

Pay Centre

Check the trusted source list.

Upon notification of data entry in the Human Resources Management System:

Upon receiving pay action request and any additional documents:

Change in tenure

(For example: non-contributor to a contributor)

For the following change in employment in an unrepresented position or excluded if employee is entitled to the Public Service Management Insurance Plan:

Pension Centre

Note:  The employee must acknowledge receipt of the PWGSC 2018 via the Compensation Web Application or the PWGSC 571 enrolment information and acknowledgment of plan membership.

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