Workforce adjustment

Workforce adjustment occurs when the services of one or more indeterminate employees are no longer required beyond a specified date due to a lack of work, the discontinuance of a function, a relocation in which the employee does not wish to participate or an alternative delivery initiative.

The department is responsible to communicate to employees guaranteed reasonable job offer or options A, B Transition support measure, C Transition support measure plus Educational leave without pay.

An alternation occurs when an opting employee who wishes to remain in the core public administration exchanges positions with a non-affected employee (the alternate) willing to leave the core public administration under the terms of Part VI of Workforce adjustment directive.

Reference:  Workforce Adjustment collective agreement provisions, the National Joint Council Work Force Adjustment Directive and/or the Treasury Board Directive on Career Transition for Executives


Opting status: No guaranteed reasonable job offers

If Reasonable job offers is not available, the employee will be referred to the Pay Centre by the departmental human resources once their status has been confirmed (affected or surplus) to obtain information on option B (Transition support measure) or option C (Transition support measure plus Education allowance, resignation, Leave without pay to pursue education).

Choose one of the following three options:

  1. Alternation: Find another employee to alternate with

    Note:  The alternate moving into the opting position must meet the requirements of the position, except if the alternate will not be performing the duties of the position and the alternate will be terminated within five working days of the alternation.

  2. Option B (transition support measure) or option C (transition support measure plus education leave without pay):
    • Request a transition support mesure calculation
  3. Option A or B and wanting a pension waiver (must be 55 to 59 years of age with at least 10 years of service and not in receipt of a reasonable job offers and is laid-off):
    • Complete a pension waiver form PWGSC 2429 for departments employed by Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat and PWGSC 2429-1 where Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat is not the employer and send it to human resources


Delegated authority

Authorize leave without pay to pursue education when this option is available to the employee.

The deputy head or delegated authority

Certify that the employee has not received an educational allowance, was not in receipt of either a reasonable job offer or a guaranteed reasonable job offer.

Human resources

If there is no guaranteed reasonable job offers:

If there is a guaranteed reasonable job offers:


When alternating, the alternation must occur within 120 days of the other employee having been notified that he is opting. A letter of offer must be issued within the 120 day time frame and sent by encrypted email, fax or mail to the Pay Centre: Mail facility, including a pay action request form PSPC 446-5E duly completed.

Note:  An alternation must occur on a given date, i.e., two employees directly exchange positions on the same day.


The section 33 authorization of the transaction in Phoenix

Surplus and/or lay-off priority periods

On behalf of the home department or organization:

Trusted source

Upon receipt of termination notice:

Pay Centre

Pension centre

Option A or B and wanting a pension waiver

Identify submission process for form:

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