The entitlement process includes starting, stopping or amending.

Entitlements are allowances that result in additions to basic pay.  Entitlements could include the following:

For the purposes of the Roles and responsibilities table, entitlements do not include vacation leave payout.

Reference to the Liquidate leave event for information about vacation leave payouts.

Reference: Common Human Resources Business Process 4.01.02


Isolated post allowance

Complete and submit forms where required.

Maternity and parental

Refer to event leave without pay maternity and parental.

Note: In the event that an employee declines receipt of an entitlement, the employee must send notice by encrypted email, fax or mail to the Pay Centre: Mail facility, including a pay action request form PSPC 446-5E duly completed.


Confirm entitlements.

Isolated post allowance

Ensure appropriate forms are completed and submit where required.

Human resources


Section 33 authorization of the transaction in Phoenix.

Note:  If there are questions or concerns on a transaction requiring section 33 authorization, finance will contact the Pay Centre in accordance with procedures.

Trusted source

Upon receipt of documentation:

Note: Paper requests submitted directly by employees to Pay Centre, without any departmental signatory requirements are excluded from the trusted source scope.

Pay Centre

Upon receipt of authorizing document:

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