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Check your pay stub

From: Public Services and Procurement Canada

Find out how to access and interpret your pay stubs as a federal public service employee.

View your pay stub

Depending on whether you have access to the Government of Canada network or not, you have different options for viewing and downloading your pay stubs.

With access to the Government of Canada network

You have 3 ways to view and download your pay stubs:

No access to the Government of Canada network

If you're on an extended leave or you're a former employee, you may not have access to the Government of Canada network.

Contact the Client Contact Centre to get your pay stubs sent to you by mail or electronically through Connect from Canada Post.

Understand your pay stub

Your pay stub contains pay codes and abbreviations in both Compensation Web Applications and Phoenix. Consult these lists of common earnings and deductions codes, abbreviations and acronyms to help you understand what they represent.

Learn more

How public service pay works provides details on direct deposit, pay days, and gross and net pay calculations.

Compare earnings and deductions in CWA vs Phoenix

Your earnings and deductions amounts are the same on the CWA pay stub as they are in Phoenix. However, differences between CWA terminology and Phoenix terminology affects how these amounts appear on the pay stub.

Access and interpret mass retroactive pay statements

Retroactive pay is a payment made in the current pay period for any increase in wages or salary earned during a past period.

Report errors in your pay

If you believe there is a mistake on your pay stub, go to:

If you are having pay issues

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