Changing your employment

The following material is intended to provide you with information about some of the common types of change in employment situations and the effects it will have on your employment.

Services and information

Acting in a position

Calculating acting pay rates, increments, revisions and more

Change in exclusion status

Employment situations that require union dues. Eligibility for allowances

Change in employment tenure

Effects on pay and benefits when you switch from casual or term to another tenure

Changes to your hours of work

Procedures for and implications of changing to part-time employment

Dual employment

Working for one department while on leave from another

Dual remuneration

Implications of working in 2 or more positions at the same time

Promotion, deployment or demotion

Implications of each on pay and benefits

Transferring between departments

Process for transferring and implications for pay and benefits

Variable or compressed work week

Complete your weekly hours of work in fewer than 5 days by working more each day

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