Change in employment tenure

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The following material is intended to provide you with information about some of the common types of change in employment situations and the effects it will have on your employment.

When would a change in employment tenure occur?

A change in employment tenure occurs when there is a change in your employment type. The following are some of the more common types of change in tenure:

  • casual to term
  • term to indeterminate
Will a change in employment tenure affect my pay?

A change in tenure will not affect your rate of pay; however, it may affect your net pay. A change in your net pay will occur as a result of becoming eligible to participate in various mandatory plans. These plans can include the Public Service Pension Plan, the Supplementary Death Benefit Plan, the Disability Insurance Plan or long term disability plan, union dues deductions and eligibility to the bilingualism bonus, if applicable.

How will the Pay Centre be notified that my employment tenure has changed?

As part of the staffing process, your departmental Human Resources section will be providing you with a letter of offer for the new change in tenure and will be forwarding various pieces of information about your new employment tenure to the Pay Centre.

How will I be informed about benefits, allowances, and insurances that I may be eligible for?

Once the Pay Centre has received notification of your change in tenure, you will be provided with a letter detailing the effects that your new employment will have on your pay, leave, insurances and other benefits.

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