Becoming a parent

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For families with new dependents, see the following sections to ensure you receive accurate pay, benefits and appropriate insurance coverage.

Maternity and parental benefits, including leave and pension, are calculated based on the dependent’s date of birth or adoption.

Disclaimer: Pay and changes in your life

Pension Centre requirements

You must provide the Pension Centre with a copy of the following documents as soon as you receive the original:

For more information on new dependents and pensions, see the following:

Pay Centre requirements

You must provide the Pay Centre with the dependent’s date of birth or adoption, in writing.


You must include a pay action request form with your submission to the Pay Centre.

Public Service Health Care Plan requirements

As a plan member, you are responsible for:

Updating your positive enrolment information

If you have registered for an online account with Sun Life, you can update your positive enrolment information online through the company’s member services website. You can also submit a change form by mail.

For more information on positive enrolment, see the following:

Ensuring you have adequate coverage

You can change your level of coverage to satisfy your insurance needs. For example, you can add dependents, switch from single-level to family-level coverage, or increase the hospital benefit coverage offered by your plan.

Use Phoenix self-service to change your coverage. If you cannot access Phoenix self-service, complete the following forms and submit them to the Pay Centre:

Notifying Great-West Life about dental plan changes

As a Public Service Dental Care Plan (PSDCP) member, you need to notify Great-West Life, in writing, when changes in your personal circumstances could affect your dental plan coverage. For example, notify Great-West Life if:

Claims offices

Send all changes and claims to the appropriate mailing address:

Other Canadian residents:
Great-West Life Assurance Company
Health and Dental Claims Centre
PO Box 6025 Station Main
Winnipeg MB R3C 3C7

Quebec residents, other than the National Capital Region:
Great-West Life Assurance Company
Montreal benefit payments
Place Bonaventure
Suite 5800-800 de la Gauchetière Street West
Montreal QC H5A 1B9

Employees residing outside Canada
Great-West Life health and dental benefits
Foreign benefits payments
PO Box 6000
Winnipeg MB R3C 3A5

To reach the claims office by phone:

Toll-free number: 1-855-415-4414 (service in English and French)
TTY, for the deaf or hard of hearing: 1-800-990-6654 or Winnipeg (204) 946-7281

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