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What is a workforce adjustment?

A workforce adjustment is a situation that occurs when the services of one or more indeterminate employees will no longer be required beyond a specified date due to a lack of work, the discontinuance of a function, a relocation in which the employee does not wish to participate or an alternative delivery initiative.

To learn more about the workforce adjustment process and to find answers to questions about a particular workforce adjustment situation, refer to the work force adjustment: policies and guidelines web page on the Treasury Board Secretariat Web site as well as your particular Collective Agreement.

The Directive on Career Transition for Executives provides information for Executives affected by workforce adjustment situation.

As an indeterminate employee, will other employment be offered to me?

When future employment opportunities can be predicted, you will receive a guarantee of a reasonable job offer where possible.

What options do I have if I have been declared surplus but have not received a guarantee of a reasonable job offer?

If you have not been provided with a guarantee of a reasonable job offer, you will have access to transitional employment arrangements such as:

  • A twelve month surplus priority status: Details can be obtained from your manager or your departmental human resource section
  • Transition support measure: A cash payment based on your years of service in the core public administration
  • Education allowance: A cash payment equal to the transition support measure plus a reimbursement of tuition up to a maximum of $11,000
How can I estimate the number of weeks I may be entitled to under the transition support measure?

The following chart will assist you in estimating the number of weeks you may be entitled to under the transition support measure.

Table 1: Transition support measure
Years of service in the core public administration Transition support measure (payment in weeks' pay)
0 10
1 22
2 24
3 26
4 28
5 30
6 32
7 34
8 36
9 38
10 40
11 42
12 44
13 46
14 48
15 50
16 52
17 52
18 52
19 52
20 52
21 52
22 52
23 52
24 52
25 52
26 52
27 52
28 52
29 52
30 49
31 46
32 43
33 40
34 37
35 34
36 31
37 28
38 25
39 22
40 19
41 16
42 13
43 10
44 07
45 04

For indeterminate, seasonal and part-time employees, the Transition Support Measure will be pro-rated in the same manner as severance pay under the terms of your collective agreement or terms and conditions of employment.

In addition to the Transition Support Measure, am I entitled to severance pay?

Yes. Severance pay provisions of your collective agreement are paid in addition to the Transition Support Measure.

What happens to my pension if I am laid off?

If you retire but you are covered by a work force adjustment agreement or directive, you may be eligible for a waiver of the normal pension reduction. To learn more about the eligibility conditions, visit the workforce adjustment information on the Treasury Board pension site.

How will the Pay Centre be notified that I am being laid off?

Your manager will inform your departmental human resource section of the workforce adjustment situation. In turn, your departmental human resource section will provide you with information on different options available to you. Your departmental human resources section will also coordinate the issuance of this information with your departmental Finance section and the Pay Centre.

How will I know what benefits I am entitled to?

The Pay Centre will provide you with a lay-off letter informing you about matters pertaining to your departure from the public service. This may include information such as your balance of salary, severance pay, vacation pay, a debt owed to the crown, Transition Support Measure or education allowance etc.

Your employment may have been such that you may have been required to contribute to the pension plan. Information about your pension options and insurance coverage on leaving the public service can be obtained from Pension and benefits or through the pension entitlement information package.

When will my pay account be finalized and payments issued?

Only once the Pay Centre has been notified that there are no outstanding debts owed to the Crown, that all assets have been returned to the departments and that all leave has been recorded, your pay account will be finalized and any outstanding payments for the balance of your salary, severance pay or outstanding leave balances will be requested. The service standards for this type of action is 20 working days.

If I want to make a claim for employment insurance, what is the process?

A web-based record of employment will be completed on your behalf and retained at Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. In the event you’d like to make a claim for employment insurance, this information is required in order to establish your eligibility and level of benefits. Information about applying for Employment Insurance benefits can be obtained online at Service Canada or from your local Service Canada office.

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